Pop up Christmas Cards

Thankfully, the digital age has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family members you might not see as often as you’d like. It’s even simpler now that so many of us are connected 24/7 through social media. But while there are endless ways to connect digitally, many of us have continued to struggle when it comes to finding the right way to reach out and show our loved ones that we care about them during the Christmas season. Pop-up cards are the perfect solution. They’re fast and inexpensive to create, they can feature a personal message or image, they look great on any mantelpiece or desk, and best of all, they’re easy for anyone who receives one to store without taking up much space until next year!

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Let’s take a closer look at why pop-up Christmas cards are the best way to send holiday wishes this year.

Does Boomf offer any pop-up Christmas cards? 

Boomf offers three special product types for Christmas: 3D Christmas cards, pop-out (Flutter/Wild) cards, and seemingly ordinary cards with unusual designs that can also be personalised.

  • 3D Christmas cards: These are adorable 3D Christmas cards that you can personalise online with your photos, messages, and more. They’re printed on thick paper so that they look and feel like a traditional greeting card!
  • Boomf offers three types of pop-out cards. Flutter cards are great if you want to surprise your recipients with a butterfly toy flying out of the card. Wild cards have pop-up cardboard figurines inside that jump out of the card when the recipient opens it. Both are beautiful and durable, a perfect keepsake. The third type is Boomf’s Cannon cards that come with a special fold-out feature, which means the front of the card opens up to reveal even more inside! This is a great feature for occasions where you’d like to include a photo and a longer message inside your card.
  • Boomf online personalisation tool: The online personalisation tool allows you to customise your own card by selecting all the details yourself (a photo, message, text layout, and font colour). You are then able to show your creativity with extras like colourful confetti or a pop-out element. You can try out all possible combinations!

4 Reasons Everyone Should Send a Pop-Up Christmas Card in 2022

  1. It makes a great gift. Pop-up cards are an excellent way to send a gift to someone you care about, while also including a thoughtful message inside. It is a great present for just about anyone!
  2.  It’s useful! Pop-up cards are great for helping you stay in touch with your loved ones throughout the year. They make great gifts for Christmas.
  3. They’re easy to create. When you create a pop-up card, you have the opportunity to include a personalised message inside that only your loved ones will see. This is a great way to share wishes, advice, or words of encouragement with those who receive your card. 
  4. They’re perfect keepsakes. Your recipients will want to display their pop-up cards. This makes them a great option for the people in your life who love to decorate their homes with different items that remind them of happy memories.


Nobody can argue that sending a Christmas card isn’t important or doesn’t make a meaningful difference. It shows that you have taken the time to acknowledge someone’s importance for you and to let them know that you value that relationship. A pop-up card is a perfect way to do this, and it will be treasured for years to come! If you’re still struggling to figure out how to send the perfect Christmas card this year, we encourage you to consider sending a pop-up card from Boomf. They’re festive, fun, and sure to be appreciated by anyone whose name you put on the envelope!