Exploding Valentine's Day Cards

Add even more excitement to this most romantic of occasions with our exploding Valentine’s Day cards! They’re the perfect way to surprise someone special, and with the ability to upload photos straight from your device, you’ll be able to rediscover cherished memories and write a thoughtful, personalised message straight from the heart.
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Where can I buy exploding Valentine’s cards UK?

You can find a fantastic exploding Valentine’s Day card right here on Boomf, with many that open amidst an awesome confetti shower! Our signature card – the Boomf Bomb – is perhaps most loved by our customers. You’ll find the original photo cube bringing joy all over the internet, in the stunned reactions of happy recipients.

You’ll be able to add your own photos onto the card straight from your device; you can choose one of our wonderful, colourful designs as well, or use a mixture of the two!

How can I make an exploding Valentine card?

Here’s how you can make an exciting Valentine’s Day explosion card, in three simple steps.

  • Choose your card type! From Boomf Bombs to Confetti Сannons, there’s plenty of valentines excitement to be had.
  • Add your photos – and write a personalised message. You’ll be able to add your own photos and our designs to all our cards, and all include space to write a personalised message in our easy to use personalisation tool.
  • Enter your details, and ship! Once you’re in our no-nonsense checkout, simply enter your billing details and either your address or the address of your recipient. We deliver fast and for free.

That’s everything you need to get started with one of our exploding Valentine’s Day cards – all the best to you and your special someone!