Husband Birthday Card

Surprise your husband with a personalised Birthday card that shows you really care. Boomf is all about sending more than a card: you can never go wrong with gifting them a fun Boomf experience and an awesome photo card that's worth keeping. Upgrade to a confetti or butterfly card for a whole bunch of extra smiles & laughs!
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How can I find the perfect Happy Birthday husband card?

Birthday cards for husbands can be romantic, funny, complimentary or quite simple. It all depends on him, you and the kind of relationship you share with him. 

  • Can't you get your hands off each other? Then you know something hot and romantic is in order.
  • Is he funny, jovial and fun-loving? Then maybe he'd appreciate something a little humorous for a birthday card.
  • Did he recently get a promotion, an award or perhaps win a game? Then perhaps you might go for something a little complimentary.
  • What most do you love or admire about him? Is it fitness, smarts, character... or something else? There's probably a birthday card for it here.

All you have to do is pick a card that expresses what you feel the most or the one you know he'll probably like best. You may or will have multiple choices, but even if you start by picking out 10, you can always just add them all to your Boomf favourites and come back sometime later, with a new eye to whittle the list down to one.

What message should I write on a birthday card for my husband?

The card you choose already more or less sets the tone for the message you'll write in it. Whether they are romantic, quirky or simple birthday wishes, husband birthday card messages are by natur short, heartfelt and personal. So, unless you're particularly good at writing poems, a Shakespearean sonnet on a birthday card isn't a must. The person you're writing to knows you and loves you. So, the most appealing message is one he knows could only be written by you. Think about it, 4-year-olds have made some of the worst drawings but, when a toddler shows their parent the picture he drew, of mummy and daddy holding hands with him, the parent can't help but smile, as their heart melts and they squeeze their child’s cute rosy cheeks. That being said, how do you write a birthday card for your husband?

  • You can look up a few examples online to get your mind whirling.
  • Write a draft of your own, that reflects your mind and heart, such that, when he reads it, he knows “Only one person could have written this.”
  • Cross check and make any needed adjustments.
  • Leave it and return to it later to read it again.
  • Make the final tweaks.

What is a unique way to wish your husband a happy birthday?

In case you're feeling particularly innovative and would like a little something out of the ordinary, Boomf also has some unique trademark cards available for purchase, that are sure to get a laugh, thumbs up or outright uncontrolled giggling from your husband.

A few include:

  • Birthday News: Aries men have the biggest Willies
  • Old & Bald (Roses are red, Violets are blue, I like old and bald men, lucky for you!)
  • Fittest Husband Award.

So, don’t hesitate and go find your perfect husband birthday card on Boomf.