Boyfriend Birthday Cards

Surprise your boyfriend with a personalised Birthday card that shows you really care. Boomf is all about sending more than a card: you can never go wrong with gifting them a fun Boomf experience and an awesome photo card that's worth keeping. Upgrade to a confetti or butterfly card for a whole bunch of extra smiles & laughs!
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Your boyfriend's birthday could be an intimate affair between both of you, you could invite a bunch of close friends and have a nice time. Or have a full-blown bash to celebrate him. Whatever your intentions are, food, drinks, cake, a birthday card for your boyfriend and lots of love will be important items on that day.

To help you choose the best birthday card for boyfriend, we will give you answers to a few questions in your mind. The best birthday card is the one that resonates with your boyfriend, it requires some creativity and deliberate searching. So, we will also provide amazing birthday card ideas for boyfriend that you can pick.

What birthday card should I get for my boyfriend?

There are different happy birthday card for boyfriend, each one is designed to evoke different reactions. So you will have to check different card templates and choose the appropriate one that will cause a specific response. 

The birthday card you choose will depend on his nature or the level of your relationship. It will also determine the message he will receive. If he is a fun guy or you aren't yet ready for the 'love' description, a cute boyfriend birthday card is ideal for you. A romantic birthday card for boyfriend will be fantastic:

  •  for an intimate dinner for two
  •  if you both are in love and committed to the relationship
  • or you want to take your relationship a step higher by introducing the L-word.

Whatever your reason, always choose the right card that matches your intentions.

What can I write on my boyfriend's birthday card?

The type of birthday card you choose determines what you will write. His personality trait is also an important factor to consider. 

If he is a simple and fun-loving man, you could write a joke for him and add something like being with you is one of the things that brings me joy. Cheers to more laughter and happiness.

If he is a poetic person, then a romantic message or poem that describes your feelings for him and how special he is to you will suffice.

Always make your words true to match your relationship and his personality. He will know if your words were downloaded and this can injure your relationship.

How can I make a boyfriend birthday card a special one on Boomf?

You could decide to have a card that is both sweet and romantic and none of the birthday templates fit this bill. Then a personalised boyfriend birthday card that is unique to your man can be created on Boomf. Some wonderful birthday card templates on Boomf are:

  • You are the April to my Spritz birthday card
  • Pour it up birthday card
  • It's time to make a wish birthday card
  • Happy birthday Hun card
  • Let the good times roll birthday card

When preparing for his birthday, remember that the day is all about him. Make all preparations that will help him enjoy his day and do not forget your unique boyfriend birthday card from Boomf.

What other cards does Boomf offer?

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