21st Birthday Cards

Make their 21st birthday celebration extra fun & special with a personalised confetti card from Boomf! Create a card yourself, uploading your own images and art, or pick from one of our cute ready-made designs. Choose your format: an exploding confetti 3D cube card, a cannon card, a 3D character card that jumps out with a burst of confetti... Can't go wrong: every card is a keepsake.

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Age 21 Card


21 Cake Card


21 Blue Card


Where can you get a personalised 21st birthday card?

You can find personalised 21st birthday cards on Boomf. Boomf is aware that your loved one deserves an uncommon card specially created for him or her. So, we have assembled a list of birthday card templates you can choose from. 

What do you write on a 21st birthday card?

What you write depends on the reaction you want to get. For a hearty laugh, some words like the examples given below will be great.

  • It's your 21st birthday… Let's get hammered.
  • Happy 21st birthday… Cheers to beers and authentic ID cards
  • My gift to you is to take no pictures of you tonight. Happy 21st
  • Welcome to Adulthood... Your childhood is officially over…

If you want to write a heartfelt wish, then consider something like

  • Welcome to the age of achievement; laugh, love, soar and exceed your expectations

Happy 21st

  • On this special day, I wish you more freedom, dreams and accomplishments
  • To my light bulb and my joy... I wish you a happy birthday
  • Hey sweetie, the years passed in a flash but you retained your awesomeness.
  • Cheers to more years of ruling.

How can you make a  special 21st birthday card with Boomf?

Boomf has an option to customise your card online. So, you can input the necessary details and be assured that you will get a special birthday card that describes the uniqueness of your loved one on Boomf. Some  Boomf birthday templates are:

  • Birthday Cake, fire hazard card.
  • Let the celebrations be-gin birthday card
  • Rolling out of our youth birthday card
  • Beer-day birthday card 
  • Squid Game birthday card

The above templates and lots more are available on Boomf.com, choose one that resonates with the celebrant and proceed to make their day enjoyable. In most cultures, the 21st birthday has significant importance. It is the age of chasing dreams and acquiring experiences.

The 21st birthday cards you give them may be the momentum they need to move or the calming words that are like warm blankets on bad days.