Confetti Cards

Yes, that’s right, we have made a regular flat-folding greeting card that will shower the recipient with confetti when they pull the tab. It’s not just some confetti added to the envelope. Plus, it is truly personalised, you can add your photo or select a design, choose the confetti that will shower your recipient, and you can even change the colour of the inside of the card. We ship worldwide, and next-day delivery is available.

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How do confetti cards work?

At Boomf, we don’t go for complex parts that are likely to stop working on their way to your door. Simple and brilliant is our philosophy. Enclosed in our beautiful Ta-dah cards is a pull tab that ejects a gentle blossom of confetti and glitter upon opening. That’s it — a guaranteed surprise in a lovely-looking card of your choosing. We’ve got a range of ways to make a confetti surprise card here on Boomf, from our famous Boomf Bombs to Confetti Cannons. You can even pick the colour and pattern of your card confetti – and yes, we do have love hearts.

You’ll find designs for every occasion in the selection above. Lovingly created by independent artists, our designs go from sublime and thoughtful to funny and offbeat. Whatever the quirks of your celebrant’s personality, you’ll be sure to discover the perfect card for them, right here on Boomf!

How do I make a confetti card?

It’s easy to make personalised cards with confetti on our website. Whether you’re looking to bring a surprise to a friend’s party, or simply to show a loved one that you’re thinking about them – here are some steps on how to get started.

  • Choose your design, or upload a photo. Our curated collection of card designs can be found above! Or for an extra personal, extra memorable card, simply select the ‘create your own greetings card’ option and you’ll be able to upload an image of your choosing, straight from your device. Our cards come in two sizes, standard (144mmx144mm) and large (210mmx210mm). Both are affordable gift-giving options, just select the card that’s right for you.
  • Choose your type of card. You’ll be able to select from a range of our trademark cards – a Ta-dah card is compatible with all of our designs; it’s simply a modification of one of our regular cards. If you’re looking for one of our Boomf Bombs or Confetti Cannons, you can find them on our home page.
  • Now that your card features a beautiful design, it’s time to write your message. All our ta cards are blank inside, easily personalised with our online tool. Add your text, and you’ll be able to change the font, colour and size so that the look of your text is as beautiful as the message itself. You can even add photos to the inside of the card. If you’re stumped for what to write, we’d advise that your message is simple, thoughtful and honest. And don’t forget to reference whatever occasion your recipient is celebrating.
  • Enter your billing info and shipping details. This part is simple. You’ll be able to review your card before ordering, then simply enter your details and we’ll have the card shipped to the address you have provided fast and for free. We offer express checkout options including PayPal and Google Pay to make your order easier. All orders before 4 pm, Monday to Friday will be dispatched on the same day. 

But we don’t just stop at wonderful confetti cards – for more fantastic, affordable ways to take your celebration to the next level, check out our amazing Wild and Flutter cards! These are perfect for kids and the young at heart: our Wild cards pop up an adorable cardboard figurine upon opening, and our flutter cards release a beautiful butterfly toy. With endless customisation options, whoever’s your recipient, you’ll be guaranteed to find a special card just for them!

We wish you all the best in finding the perfect card with us on Boomf - and of course - best wishes to your friend, colleague or loved one on whatever special day they’ll find themselves celebrating soon, we hope our Ta-Dah cards make for an exciting addition to the occasion!