Meme Birthday Cards

Sending a meme birthday card is a great way to show your friend or family member how much you know what makes them laugh. You don’t have to be an expert in memes to know that the best ones are often the simple ones or those that everyone can relate to. If you want to step up your card game, we’ve got some great ideas on how to design the cutest meme-themed birthday cards ever!

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How to choose a perfect funny meme birthday card?

The first thing you must figure out is which meme birthday card you want to send. This is something that is mostly up to you, but we recommend starting with a popular meme birthday card. To pick the perfect meme birthday card, you’ll have to do some serious meme analysis. Ask yourself some questions first: 

  1. What makes the meme fitting for this recipient? 
  2. What is the meme about? 
  3. Is it something the recipient would share with you on social media?
  4. Could you make it funnier by adding a reference to a silly story featuring the recipient? 

A simple way to choose the best meme birthday card is to simply choose the one the recipient can relate to. All else being equal, the card that appeals to most people will have the most potential to be a hit.

Does Boomf have any special meme birthday cards?

Boomf is the best place to find all types of funny meme birthday cards. We know a great deal about memes and add the best of the best to our designs. Better still, we offer you to make any of our cards even better with the help of our online personalization tool.

  • You can choose from a huge selection of meme birthday cards with different themes and designs.
  • Select a product type you want the design to go with.
  • Personalise your meme birthday card with various pictures and text. 
  • You can even create your own custom memes by combining various elements inside the card. 

You can browse through the wide range of funny meme birthday cards available on Boomf and send the best meme birthday cards to your friends and family. 


Meme birthday cards are a great way to express your feelings to your friends and family. You can make many different meme birthday cards, based on a variety of themes and topics. Boomf is the best place to find all types of meme birthday cards! So, forget the usual birthday card you get from friends and family, think outside the box, and send your loved ones the best meme birthday card ever!