30th Birthday Cards

Days like this should be remembered. With our 30th birthday cards, you can be sure it will! We have lots of designs for him and her, so you will find the perfect one to express how excited you are and how much you care. There are cute and sentimental cards but also cheeky and rude ones that are sure to make the birthday boy or girl laugh. Show them that even though it’s an important milestone, there’s still room for fun!

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UR 30? Card


How do you find the ideal 30th birthday card?

Start by thinking about the perfect card for you. Should it be heart-warming or cheeky, simple or vibrant, have a pre-typed message or be blank inside so you can fill it by hand? Once you find the answers to these questions, simply browse Boomf’s extensive collection, using filters to narrow down the search. We have unique ideas for almost everyone: your children, friends, spouses, and many others. Moreover, you can create personalised 30th birthday cards using our online editor if you can’t find a proper one in the assortment.

How do you wish a happy birthday to someone turning 30?

For many, the 30th birthday is the time to evaluate their achievements and revise their dreams and goals. They might spend this day in a nostalgic mood. So, you have at least two options when writing a greeting in a 30th birthday card: you can go for a meaningful quote or write some inspirational wishes yourself. Alternatively, pick a funny joke if you think the recipient needs to be cheered up. Should it be a cute pun or a bit offensive? You know best!

What should you say in a birthday card for one’s 30th birthday?

30th birthday cards are not complete without a quote inside because this is a huge event. You can explore the ideas on our site or compose a special text yourself. Start with some fantastic memories you share, include a few pleasant wishes depending on what the recipient would like to hear on their big day, and add the final touch with a bit of humour – the perfect formula!

Our talented artists do their best to ensure that the cards at Boomf meet diverse needs, but you can also test your creativity using our online editor. Consider supplementing your 30th birthday card with a confetti explosion — what a surprise that would be!