Christmas Cards For Husband

Want a special Christmas card for your husband this festive season? Look no further! Get him a fully personalised card or choose from one of our fun Christmas designs, created by our independent designers. Upgrade to add that extra Oomph! Whether it's a 3D pop-up card, or a surprise Flutter card, or a confetti Ta-Dah card - you can't go wrong with Boomf.

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What can I write in my husband’s Christmas card?

Picture this: It's Christmas morning and you hand your husband a Christmas card or he gets it from you by mail. How do you want him to react? 

  • Do you want a smile to spread across his face,
  • A loud laugh? 
  • Maybe you want his chest to fill with complete adoration of you and the card. 

Well, now that you have imagined this, it determines what you should write in your husband Xmas card. 

Write words that are warm and affectionate. We know you have an idea of what it should be. Just go ahead and write what's in your mind. 

Can I get a special Christmas card for my husband on Boomf?

To get husband Christmas cards that are special from Boomf, you can choose any of the special extra features that we have just for you.

  • To personalise your Christmas card for husband, use our online personalisation tool that makes it easy for you to add pictures and your message. Don’t forget that you can even choose the colour and font of the text to make it fit with the colour scheme of the design.
  • If you want to melt your husband’s heart by reminding him of some sweet events, go for our Boomf Bomb, a husband Christmas card in the form of a cube that you can personalise with several of your photos on all sides.
  • Are you a fan of small surprises or even pranks? Then our Ta-dah husband Christmas card is your go-to option. This card looks as innocent as any other one, but hides a handful of colourful confetti inside, which is released when an unsuspecting recipient opens the card.
  • Are you into our confetti exploding cards yet? Then upgrade your husband Christmas card to our confetti Cannon. When opened, it unfolds to reveal your chosen picture and message inside while shooting colourful confetti at the recipient. A truly magnificent surprise!
  • If your husband loves to collect keepsakes from celebrations and special moments, you can go for our Wild pop-out products. Your husband Christmas card will emit a cardboard figurine of a character you can choose from our fun selection. Of course, the figurine will pop out amidst confetti. By the way, have we mentioned that you can even customise the colour and shape of the confetti?
  • And finally, our Flutter cards that hold a lovely surprise inside in the form of a flying butterfly toy. Your husband can keep the toy as a souvenir after the celebration.

With these husband Christmas cards, you are sure to give an unbeatable card to your husband this Christmas. You'll be coming back next year for one more husband Christmas card.