40th Birthday Cards

40th birthday cards are essential items that are used to celebrate the milestone of 40 years. The years have gone by in a flash and the ruby jubilee has arrived. This is an important milestone for them, and Walter Pitkin, an American philosopher informs us that " Life begins at 40". So, a personalised 40th birthday card that will make the recipient smile and laugh will be nice.

Remember you are expressing yourself to a mature person, so let your words be sincere but heartwarming. This is not the time to remind them of their faults (except you are giving a joke). The big 40 comes with a lot of challenges and difficulties - reduce their anxiety by reminding them you will always be with them.

Here, we will share some thoughtful ideas with you and give you tips to create the perfect 40th birthday card.      

Where do you find the perfect 40th birthday card?

You can get high-quality 40th birthday cards on Boomf. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients. So we designed various happy 40th birthday cards that suit the need of different customers. Check out our catalogue and start your search for the best 40th birthday card you can find. A customise option is also on the site, so you can design a special card for your loved one.

What do you write on the 40th birthday cards?

Birthday cards for 40-year-olds are meant to make the recipient happy and comfortable in their new age. Most people start feeling bad and experiencing a decline after their 40th birthday. So, write something nostalgic, or something fun, light and motivating that boosts their confidence. An example of something you could write is:

  • Hi, there is a silver hair, I mean silver lining on your 40th birthday, it says Welcome to your new 20.
  • Wow, hello there.... Look at you showing the big 40 who is boss!
  • As your body changes and your knowledge keeps increasing. I wish you more fulfiling opportunities and the camaraderie of wonderful friends.
  • 4 awesome decades have gone by, but that won't deter you from being the best. Cheers to impressive achievements and the accolades of experts

How do you make a Happy 40th Birthday card special?

What makes anything special is the amount of time, effort and creativity invested in it. You can add an image of their favourite interests like cars, flowers, travel locations and others to make it ideal for only them. You could also write a brief heartfelt letter to them and end it with one of their favourite quotes.

 On boomf.com you could get a variety of 40th birthday cards ranging from the standard birthday wishes to humorous messages and the likes, all customizable. Some Boomf birthday card templates are:

  • Pour it up birthday card
  • Birthday boogie greeting card
  • Birthday wishes card
  • Ex-Squeeze me card
  • Corona style card
  • Whatever life throws at you Card
  • Are your socks a lucky greeting card

40th birthdays are celebrations of four decades of greatness. Shower your loved ones with 40th birthday cards from Boomf and make their day memorable.