Confetti Cannons

Want to celebrate something special? Looking to surprise the celebrant? The Cannon card from Boomf will not disappoint. You can personalise the Cannon card with your photos or select from one of our thousands of designs, plus you can add a message and select the confetti that will shower down on your recipient. It’ll sure give them something to clean up afterwards. Check out our Instagram page to see the thousands of happy customers that have enjoyed receiving the Cannon card. We ship worldwide, and next-day delivery is available.
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How do you make a confetti Cannon launcher?

Making a personalised confetti Cannon launcher is a breeze with our online personalisation tool. Here’s how you can make your own confetti cannon. 

  1. Choose the background of your card. This design will wrap around the whole card, and we have a range of delightful backgrounds for you to choose from, from stars to hearts, flowers, and rainbows!

  2. Choose your confetti. You’ll also be able to choose from a selection of multicolour confetti. We’d recommend picking the one that goes best with your design – making the whole effect that bit more special. Or simply go with the style your recipient will love the most.

  3. Choose your photo – or pick one of our great designs. You can upload a photo straight from your own device, which will appear amidst the confetti shower once the card has been opened, or you can choose a ready-made design, lovingly created for every occasion by our team of independent artists. You won’t believe the range of designs we have for you to choose from! From tongue-in-cheek and charming, to thoughtful and sincere – pick the design that’s right for you.

  4. Write your message. You can write whatever you like in your card launcher, and adjust the colour, size, and font of the text so that your message is as beautiful as the rest of the card. This will appear below your photo or one of our designs and is a great opportunity for you to say something truly thoughtful – or simply amuse your recipient with a funny message.

  5. Review your card and ship! You’ll be able to look over your final card shooter before you purchase, then go to our hassle-free checkout and enter your details – we’ll get your card to you fast and for free. Orders before 4 pm, Monday to Friday are dispatched on the same day.

How do you use a confetti Cannon card?

Our confetti cannons are simple to use: a rectangular-shaped card that flips open with a delightful confetti explosion, revealing your photo and message on the inside. It couldn’t be simpler! Why should you buy one? Not only are our cards beautiful and hilariously shocking, but affordable as well. Boomf is the way to take the most intimate celebration or sociable event to the next level.

We hope to have answered all your questions about our wonderful Confetti Canons, we also have a range of other confetti products to choose from – including our famous Boomf Bombs – simply check out the homepage! Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, we want to thank you for ordering a wonderful cannon card from us on Boomf — that’s our job done — now go ahead and make that day special for someone important to you!