Birthday Cards For Wife

Get your wife the best Birthday card she could ever imagine: personalise your card with your favourite photos or images, or pick from our fun ready-made designs. Whether it's a card that pops colourful confetti, or a surprise butterfly card - rest assured, every funny wife birthday card is a keepsake that will put a smile on her face on her special day!

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Age 40 Card


  1. To give your wife an unforgettable birthday, congratulate her with a unique happy birthday wife card. To do this, you should simply choose from whom your wife would like to get congratulations: a favorite cartoon character, a TV series hero, or a famous politician. With our help, send their card congratulations to your beloved wife on her birthday.
  2. Choosing a greeting for your wife on her birthday is not an easy task. After all, women are very refined creatures, and each of them likes something different. But no wife will like it if she is congratulated in a trivial way. Choose one of our pop-up cards to congratulate your wife for a birthday card with a secret. Choose a picture, color and your wife is sure to love it.
  3. Your wife is a clever and beautiful woman who deserves the highest praises on her birthday. Prove how much you admire her by congratulating in a touching and beautiful way, using all your charm and love, as well as giving her perfectly wrapped gifts. Your wife wants to go to the Alps? Okay, buy her tickets and put them inside one of our luxury wife birthday cards. Luxury gifts need luxury cards.
  4. Good memories are the best gift. Choose one of our 3D Bomb birthday cards. Choose your favorite photos of your life together, colors, confetti to create the best birthday gift for her.
  5. A great sense of humor is vital for a great wife birthday card. We have plenty of funny birthday cards with different colors, pictures, and words. For example, “we go together like bacon and eggs” or “I panic-bought this card for you.” Choose one that your wife will love forever!

Of course, every husband wants to give his wife the best birthday greeting to make her happy on her special day, but sometimes saying significant words is more difficult than showing them. Write them in a birthday card for your wife, and  she will always remember this cute little gesture.