Kids Birthday Cards

Whether you're looking for the perfect kids' Birthday card for your nephew, niece, a friend's child or your child's friend, you've found the right place! You can't go wrong with a unique personalised confetti or butterfly card that will add some real-life magic to any Birthday party. Or, you can pick a 3D pop-up character card that jumps out of an envelope with a burst of confetti - children love them, parents thank them.

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How do you pick the perfect child’s birthday card

Remember what the child’s interests are and what they love most. Whether it’s cars, football, unicorns, or their favorite TV or film characters, you will always find the perfect design at Boomf. Narrow down your search with our convenient filters and you will definitely find a card to delight the child. We also recommend using an age filter to make the selection even easier. This will help you choose a card that will add even more magic and fun to this special day.

What should you write in personalized children’s birthday cards?

A child’s birthday is always a nice chance to show them how much they are loved and how much they mean to you. Of course, children are mostly focused on gifts and birthday cake, but warm and sincere wishes will still make them feel special and can create an atmosphere of joy and happiness. Messages for birthday cards for children should not be too long and complicated. The best option is to write short, simple, but still sweet and meaningful, wishes.

How do you surprise a kid with a birthday card for children?

Elegant and classic cards are definitely best left for the adults. For kids, choose something more colorful and unusual. Boomf has something that could really surprise your little one – look at our collection of beautiful exploding birthday cards – including Ta-Dah, Flutter, or Wild options – to add more laughter and excitement to such a special day.

What to wish in a 1st baby’s birthday cards?

A child’s arrival is a real blessing, and the first birthday is always special. Of course, the baby will not remember the holiday, but their parents certainly will. Write some warm and gentle words about what a miracle and happiness their existence is — the appearance of a little angel on the Earth – and say that their parents are doing great in their new, exciting roles.

A birthday is a holiday from childhood. Of course, adults love it too, but for a child, this day is always something magical, long-awaited, and unusual. It’s very important that childhoods are bright and memorable. Give your kid colorful memories of this special day with a beautiful, unique child’s birthday card from Boomf.