Baby's First Christmas Cards

Here you are with a spectacular opportunity to gift a family with their baby's first Christmas card. This card has to be everything but normal. A memorable card. One that will be difficult to beat next year is what you're looking for. Thankfully, our Boomf cards stand out with all the best features and additional filters that will make your card choice unique.

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What Do You Write in a Baby's First Christmas Card?

The highlight of this special selection is that it is going to be the baby's 1st Christmas card. Only the most special wishes should be wished. Here are some great first-time Christmas wishes for a baby 1st Christmas card:

  • Introduce yourself: The chances that this baby can read is zero but later on, when they read each card, they can know who sent them this one.
  • Talk about Santa: Father Christmas is a kid's Christmas figure that makes your card more fitting for a child.
  • Wish them a magical life like the magical Christmas night. Yes, be poetic like this too. 
  • Welcome them into more celebrations and festivity in their lives like this.
  • Now to include a bit of a joke. Tell them to enjoy being small because every other Christmas after that will be budget-suffocating for them.

How to Make a Baby’s First Christmas Card Memorable? 

What's a baby's first Christmas card without a special feature to make it memorable? Like a card that throws out confetti or pop-out characters, butterflies, bombs; cubed cards or even cute collages of the baby in front. 

Boomf has created special personalisation tools to help you honour a baby's first Christmas with the addition of their names, pictures, or nicknames to the card. 

Be the one to give the most remarkable baby's first Christmas card.