Anime Birthday Cards

Recently, birthday card templates are becoming more creative as the interests of the recipients are uniquely expressed. Anime birthday cards are clever birthday card expressions which are likely more appreciated than standard birthday cards. Or you could choose a manga birthday card for a fan of Japanese comics.
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What birthday card can you get for someone who is an anime and manga fan? 

There are different types of anime: funny, sad, and mythical. One important thing about anime and manga is that they are good advocates of hope. So get an anime birthday card with the recipient's favourite anime character or one with a popular anime character. Each of them will be appreciated

What should you write on an anime-themed birthday card? 

  • Your joy and excitement to life are as explosive as that of Monkey D.Luffy and your fierce determination is just like Might Guy. May this new year bring you close friends like Gon and Killua and make you stronger than Saitama. Happy birthday, dear.
  • It is obvious your best anime character is Zoro: Dependable, Strong, Skilled and has the unique trait of getting lost at any opportunity. Happy birthday, champ, may this new year correct your internal compass.
  • Animes make us laugh and cry. Sometimes they give a dark description of life but hope always shines through. I hope this new year brings you beautiful life lessons and takes you closer to your dreams. Happy birthday to you.

How can you make an anime birthday card special with Boomf? 

Choose an anime-themed birthday card and edit it with the personal picture of the recipient or a favourite anime character. You can also use the pop-up effects and confetti to make it special. 

For example, check out our Anime-zing birthday cards.

We also deliver anime birthday cards in the UK. So, get busy with the Japanese animations and use our online editor to tweak your preferred anime birthday card.