Easter Cards

Easter is one of the most joyous times of the year and commemorating this day with Easter cards for people you love and care about imparts a sense of hope and renewal. Sharing a message of optimism to someone or revelling in the religious message of this Christian holiday during this season is possible with different Easter cards that Boomf offers below. Scroll down and find the cards perfect for your recipients.

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What do you write in Easter cards? 

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ after being crucified and dying on the cross for three days. This resurrection marks the joyful return of Jesus and the end of the Lenten season, one that is marked by fasting and penitence. 

Celebrated on a Sunday, the exact date of Easter varies from one year to another. However, it normally falls around the month of April. This particular season has allowed this Christian holiday to become associated with springtime, and by extension, messages of hope, renewal, rebirth, and the like. This also gives icons and associations with the holiday such as bunnies or rabbits, eggs, birds or baby chicks, flowers, and the like. 

Given this, if you have some Easter greeting cards on hand, writing a message of hope and optimism is certainly on theme. If you practise the Christian religion, you may want to zone in on Christ’s resurrection and share the message of hope and joy of his coming once again through Christian Easter cards.

You can likewise use this holiday to express your message of gratitude and appreciation, especially to the people who have shown love and support in your life. You can also send a reminder to someone you love that you are always here for them no matter how far they might be. 

How to choose the best Easter greeting card?

One of the best ways you can give the best Easter greeting card to friends and loved ones is to simply go to the root of who they are. Whether they’re a fun-loving individual or one that’s fascinated by designs of the past, there’s certainly one Boomf card for just about everyone in your life. 

  • Easter cards for boys

For young boys, Easter cards cute that have a lot of fun and engaging designs are sure to keep them in the loop. Some designs that come to mind include adorable animals such as bunnies and chicks. Even colourful Easter eggs will catch their fancy. You might want to find pastel hues to play with their favourite colours and designs that correspond with their interests. 

  • Funny Easter cards

If the person you’re giving happy Easter cards to loves jokes and witty statements, they’re certainly going to love funny Easter cards from Boomf. You might want to look for cards that have humorous jokes, comic puns, and the like. 

We’re loving designs that say, “Have an egg-citing Easter” or “Have a cracking Easter” complete with their respective egg-based designs. These will give your recipient a chance to chuckle or even laugh out loud even when they’re by themselves. 

  • Vintage Easter cards

Does your recipient have a penchant for things of the past? If they are, Boomf’s vintage Easter cards are up their alley. These designs are reminiscent of the artwork created in another era yet still pay homage to the importance the arty style has until today. 

How are Boomf’s happy Easter cards special?

Boomf’s Easter cards are special since they allow us to personalise our cards and have this tailored specifically for our intended recipients. From the design down to the message, it’s great that we have control over what we put in. We even have the option of creating our greeting card design. 

To make it even more special, Boomf offers an array of additional card designs and options that take greeting cards to the next level. We can give a surprise of exploding confetti or even give chocolate edition cards and boxes to complete the experience.

The Bottom Line

Boomf has different greeting card options for everyone you love and you can buy Easter cards right on the website. With these Easter card ideas, you’re sure to brighten up your day and make the holiday all the more meaningful.