Boomf Bombs

The Boomf Bomb is the original photo cube card that has spread joy and surprises to millions of happy recipients. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other holidays or to send someone as a treat! As seen on thousands of TikTok and Instagram videos, people worldwide love our personalized photo cube card, which we call the Boomf Bomb. You can choose to either add your photos to each side or select from one of the beautiful designs of Boomf Bombs that our fabulous army of independent designers has created. We deliver worldwide, and shipping from next-day delivery is available depending on your recipient’s location.

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What is a Boomf Bomb?

“The celebrity of cards” – the Boomf Bomb is the viral photo cube that leaps out with a delightful burst of confetti. Our famous confetti explosion card is a shockingly brilliant surprise for a loved one on an important occasion. 

Effortlessly personalized, your 3d card is totally unique, with a blend of our wonderful designs and your own photos appearing on four sides of the cube, and a thoughtful message of your choosing written on the top. You can write whatever you like, and easily adjust the font, size and colour of the text with our online tool. Plus, you can even choose the colour of the confetti pattern. 

Our designs are lovingly created by independent designers, ready to stir the emotions of their recipients on whatever important occasion is coming up. Thoughtful, charming, beautiful, amusing – we’ll help you say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or Merry Christmas to a friend, colleague, or loved one in a way that they’ll never forget. The Boomf Bomb is an exploding card created by us but tailored specifically for your recipient. There’s nothing quite like it!

How big is a Boomf Bomb?

The Boomf Bomb begins its life as a simple, flat panel card. When opened, however, your photo cube bursts out amidst an amazing confetti explosion. The cube itself can be held in your recipient’s hand, so they can admire all your personal touches. Look for the video on social media if you want a better grasp of this amazing celebratory explosion card box!

Does Boomf have any other exploding confetti cards?

Our confetti fun doesn’t stop there, here’s a list of some of our other wonderful products of 3d cards.

  • Ta-Dah cards. A little subtler than our famous bomb cards, Ta-Dah cards remain a delightful surprise – a small, concealed burst of confetti pops upward as soon as the card is opened. Less of an explosion, more of a gentle shower. Still wonderful! 
  • Confetti Cannons. Our confetti shooter cards blend a design or photo of your choosing, with a charming background and your own message that flips upward with a shot of confetti. These are a real surprise!

We hope we’ve answered any questions you have about our fantastic, one-of-a-kind confetti bombs! Order from us today and we’ll deliver your exploding card uk fast and for free – and don’t forget to take a video and share the joy on social media!

Boomf Bombs are a wonderful surprise for any occasion!