Father's Day Exploding Cards

Delight your dad with one of our fantastic Father’s Day exploding cards! With a mix of your own photos, our amazing designs and a thoughtful, personalised message, we can guarantee a smile on the face of your old man – if he’s one for surprises, of course!
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What designs do you have for exploding Father’s Day cards? 

We have a massive range of designs here at Boomf, all lovingly put together by independent artists. From the classic to the modern, the offbeat, charming, and heart-warming. You’ll no doubt find the perfect one for even the most discerning dad.

All our cards come with the option to write a personalised message, and you’ll be able to adjust the font, size and colour of the text until your card is beautiful inside and out. 

What Father’s Day confetti card should I choose?

We’ve got three types of confetti cards for you to choose from. Here’s a little about each.

  • Boomf Bombs – our signature card, the original photo cube, comes surrounded in images uploaded straight from your device, and bursts out in an awesome confetti explosion!
  • Confetti Cannons – this rectangular card flips open with an epic burst of confetti, revealing your photo and personalised message.
  • Ta-dah Cards – this simple modification to our regular cards means that they fire out a delightful shot of confetti upon opening.

Our fantastic Father’s Day exploding cards are a great way to take your celebrations to the next level - scroll up to get started!