Personalised 70th Birthday Card

If you are planning a birthday party for a 70-year-old or even a simple birthday, chances are that you are in distress for 70th birthday card ideas. There is so much to put into consideration; should it be colourful? Do I need to write long notes? How do I make it a personalized 70th birthday card? These and much more.

The good news is that your problem is within our limits and we are more than happy to help you out. Before you go shopping with us, you may want to keep reading.

Where do you find the perfect 70th birthday card? 

The question of "where" can be the stumbling block to all other parts of the plans if not answered correctly.

Of course, you can choose to search out one at a local market, or design one yourself if you are creative, but since you are, you can as well go through our catalogue. Boomf offers you a wide variety of greeting cards to choose from, budget-friendly and top-notch too

What Do You Write in a 70th Birthday Card?

Really, you don't necessarily have to write up a storm. It is best to write things that will awaken happy memories, especially with you. As part of it, make sure that everything reminds them of how special and important they are to you. 

Remember, the goal is to present personalized birthday cards to 70-year-olds. It's a way of celebrating them and wishing them a happy 70th birthday. Feel free to be poetic.

How Do You Make a Happy 70th Birthday Card Special?

Attach memories to every part of the card. You can customize it to contain something of their hobby, a favourite joke or food.

Just in case you are low on ideas, here are a couple of cards we have

See You Soon

Old as they may be, the joy of a good birthday is one for everybody. Jump on this offer and grab a copy of your 70th birthday cards.