Wild Cards

Go wild with a unique pop-up card character that comes with a fully personalised greeting card and a mini-explosion of confetti! These are Boomf’s Wild cards with a character of your choice jumping out of a greeting card, surprising your recipient — joy guaranteed. You can choose a design from our fantastic collection below, or add your own photo to the front by selecting the ‘Choose your own greetings card’ option.

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What is a Wild card?

Boomf’s Wild pop-up card is one that contains a folded cardboard figure or scene inside, so that when the card is opened, it springs out as a wonderful, fully formed fun surprise. Also known as 3d cards – they’re a fun way to take an ordinary card to the next level.

The Wild card from Boomf is one of the best pop-up cards out there – and we’re sure you will agree! We have a range of adorable figures to choose from – from cute pop-up cards animals, great and small - to many, many other friendly faces!

What kind of Wild cards does Boomf have on offer?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing pop-up figurines that can be tucked away in our brilliant designs.

  • Animals! We said creatures great and small – and you’ll find adorable animals from big elephants to little monkeys. Sensitive sloths and prim-looking penguins. Bears, llamas, lobsters and koalas. Each with a cute, smiley expression.
  • Mythical Creatures! Our range includes both fire breathing dragons and magical, rainbow coloured unicorns. They even have little wings, proudly put on display as they fly out of your card.
  • Bride and Groom! For an exciting way to celebrate forthcoming nuptials, we have cute bride and groom figures in occasion appropriate outfits. A brilliant surprise for the soon to be happy couple. And even those who haven’t yet tied the knot can get in on the adorable action, with our romantic love bear. 

But it doesn’t stop there! We’ve got cute cacti and cupcakes, ambitious astronauts and a loveable little snowman.

What can I write in a Wild card?

All our cards are completely blank inside, so you can write as thoughtful a message as you like. For kids, we’d recommend a simple, big bold message that sums up the special occasion – but you can make it as long or short as you like! 

We let you write across both pages and adjust the size and alignment of the text for a perfect fit. You’ll also be able to adjust the font and colour so it looks absolutely perfect. Why not take a crack at an animal inspired pun while you’re at it – go wild!

How do I order personalised pop-up cards on Boomf?

It’s easy to order your animal pop-up card with us. Here’s how to get started.

  • First, choose your design for the front of the card. We have a range of wonderful designs here on Boomf – including colouring cards that the kids can get creative with! You can even upload your own photo to the front of the card straight from your device.
  • Choose your pop-up figurine! Our pop-up card animals include amazing roaring dinosaurs and a cute koala ted. You’ll be sure to find a delightful character that your kids will adore.
  • Write your message. You can write whatever you like in our cards, and adjust the font and colour and size of the text easily with our online tool.
  • Enter your shipping address and billing details. Our no-nonsense checkout will ensure that your card gets to you fast and for free. We have express options for purchase including PayPal and Google Pay, so that your experience is as secure and hassle-free as possible.

We hope you’ve found the perfect pop-up with our Wild сards on Boomf, now sit back and wait for your card to arrive – and of course, get ready to go wild on your special occasion!