First Birthday Cards

1st Birthday Cards

Make their first big day memorable by gifting your little baby one of our unique and beautifully designed 1st birthday cards. You can make the experience even more special and memorable for them by including a custom text or some favourite photos to spice things up.

Our specially selected kid's birthday card ideas come in a range of all formats and sizes. Whether your little one is into ribbons, horses, or some Disney character, you're sure to get something that'll fit their taste. We know you want to give them a sentimental keepsake on their big day, let's help you achieve this using the tips below.

What is the best card for a 1st birthday?

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's never really about the frills or the stickers. The best card for your child's 1st birthday is any card chosen and sent out with love. The emotions and sentiments behind the card are what truly matters and what makes it really special. That being said, nothing beats a card with a personal touch to it. Add some of their favourite colours to it, stick the picture of his/her favourite cartoon character, and play around with concepts and ideas until you find something your little one will truly appreciate.

What do you write in a 1st birthday card?

While the birthday kid may not be able to appreciate your card now, chances are, someday they may come across it and so you want to make sure it's memorable. Here's how to do that:

  • Unless your one-year-old is some kind of baby genius or somehow supernaturally developed the ability to read a day to their birthday, you want to skip the long essay and stick to something really simple and short. Pictures are also a great way to spell out emotions. However, the case may be, write something personal and sweet.
  • If you're not the parent of the child, aim for something amusing and sweet because they'll most likely be the ones reading the card.
  • Make your card memorable. If it is, it will be saved and read all over again when the child grows up.

How do you wish a happy first birthday with a card from Boomf?

Not sure where to begin? Boomf is here for you. With Boomf, you can order your very personalized first birthday card. We have a whole catalog with different artistic preferences to choose from. Just a scroll through and you would find one that matches your expectations. Some of our popular choices include our Flying Butterfly card and our 3D photo cube card.

Why not now?

Why wait till later when you can easily get your personalized birthday card from Boomf with just a click? You can make this special. You can bring it home. People may forget events, but they never forget what they made them feel. Get that 1st birthday card and give your little one a one-derful first-year birthday.