Christmas Cards For Wife

Giving your wife a Christmas card should not be a difficult task. This is why Boomf designers have expertly considered a variety of card designs and put together the perfect collection of Christmas cards for wife that you can pick from and wow your significant other on Christmas morning.

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What can I write in my wife’s Christmas card?

Anything you want to put in your wife's Xmas card must touch her soul. That's because she probably will receive a lot of cards and you want yours to really make a statement. Remember that women are more attracted to words so you need your words to be spectacular. If you need help coming up with something, we have your back.

  • Having you is the most magical gift I will ever need. 
  • Merry Christmas to my adorable wife. 
  • You're my sweetest Christmas present, sweetheart.
  • Try quotes about Christmas.
  • Write some of the lyrics of her favourite Christmas songs that mean a lot to both of you.
  • Christmas would not be special if I didn't have you. 
  • If I was asked to wish for a Christmas miracle, I'll wish you over and over again. 

Can I get a special Christmas card for my wife on Boomf? 

Of course! Cards will mean nothing if they are not special, won't they? That is why we here at Boomf have taken the liberty to produce top-notch special cards that include confetti, pop-out characters and so much more. 

Let us introduce you to special features in wife Xmas cards: Ta-dah cards throw confetti in her face, Bomb cards have six sides that can be personalised with photos of your wife, and pop-out cards that produce a cute flying butterfly toy. You can also go wild with a wife Christmas card by picking a Wild pop-out card.