Birthday Cake Cards

Do you know it's going to be absolutely wicked to send a birthday cake card that looks just like the birthday cake of a birthday celebrant to them? And we mean wicked as in totally fabulous or great. What we're saying is that you can order a happy-birthday cake card from us and make a birthday cake that fits that exact cake on the front of the cards using your favourite cake vendor. Then on the birthday of the recipient, present the cake to them and hand the card over to hear that gasp they'll give when they notice their birthday card looks just like their cake.
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What happy birthday cake card should I choose?

Well, if you want to go with the scenario painted above, you might want to pick a cake birthday card with a cake that is difficult to mess up.

Or you could choose a card that has the type of cake your birthday celebrant would love on it.

What do I write on a birthday card with cake?

Cake lovers will love this card, here are ideas on what to write on a cake lover's birthday cake card.

  1. I know you love cakes so here's a happy birthday card with a cake on it.
  2. Hope your birthday cake is as beautiful as the one on this card. 

How do I personalize a cake birthday card on Boomf?

Even though the scene in the intro is enough to push you to buy one of our cool cards, we're not here for cakes but cards.

Birthday cards are more special when they are personalized for the birthday boy or girl. Awesome news! We have an online personalization tool. Just tap the “personalize” button and add photos and text to the card to your heart’s content.

Boomf’s cake birthday cards are not only beautiful but also unique. You won’t find such designs anywhere else. To top it off, you can pair the chosen design with any product type for a unique gift and an unforgettable experience.

Hurry up and order your birthday cake card before it goes out of stock.