60th Birthday Cards

Make their 60th birthday celebration (also called a diamond jubilee) extra fun & special with a personalised confetti card from Boomf! Create a card yourself, uploading your own images and art, or pick from one of our cute ready-made designs. Choose your format: an exploding confetti 3D cube card, a cannon card, a 3D character card that jumps out with a burst of confetti... Can't go wrong: every card is a keepsake.

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Age 60 Card


60 Swirls Card


It is not uncommon for one to run out of ideas while brainstorming on possible 60th birthday cards that:

  • Show how special the celebrant is to us.
  • Can be personalised so they aren't generic.
  • Express our wish for them to enjoy a life of luxury full of more happy days for every sad day they've experienced.
  • Show how much effort we put in because of how deeply we care.
  • Show creativity and are personalized to the celebrant's style.

Yes, these and many more questions are commonly asked by people eager for answers. No one would like to show up for a parent's, friend or colleague's 60th birthday, shouting  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" along with the crowd while holding a 60th birthday card made of cardboard or other substandard materials amidst the sea of luxury birthday cards held by others.

The card aside, you would need to come up with a well-written message that is personalised to the celebrant, full of ideas and shows how special they are to us.

With all these in mind, a simple Q/A session would enlighten you on how to create the perfect 60th birthday card.

Where do you find the perfect 60th birthday card?

A lot of things have been digitalised now with the advent of the internet. This makes it much easier for us, as we now get high-quality luxury cards on websites like Boomf.

What do you write on a 60th birthday card?

If you are out of ideas, a common practice is to take a short break, go outside and just think deeply about how special the person is to you, their personality, and what would make them happy. Holding those thoughts you can now proceed to write a personalised congratulatory message that's sure to put a smile on their face.

How do you make a 60th birthday card special?

What makes anything special is the amount of time, effort and creativity put in to indicate that it was created specifically for just one purpose or person. In the same way, a special 60th Birthday card is highly personalized to fit the style/taste of the celebrant, which is a key factor in making a 60th birthday card special.

Only a handful of online card shops offer personalized 60th birthday cards, Boomf included. On our website, you can get a variety of 60th birthday cards, all customizable. Listed below are some great birthday card templates we have: 

  • An excellent age for a bottle of wine birthday card
  • Birthday Receipt greeting card
  • Piggy Bank greeting card
  • Birthday Cake greeting card

In many cultures around the world, a 60th birthday marks a complete life cycle and the beginning of a new age. So what better way to wish your loved one a Happy 60th Birthday and a life of luxury on their special day, other than going all out to get the perfect 60th birthday card?