Birthday Cards For Girlfriend

Surprise your girlfriend with a personalised birthday card for girlfriend that shows you really care. Boomf is all about sending more than a birthday card girlfriend: you can never go wrong with gifting them a fun Boomf experience and an awesome photo card that's worth keeping. Upgrade to a confetti or butterfly birthday card to girlfriend for a whole bunch of extra smiles & laughs!


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How to Choose a Happy Birthday Card for Girlfriend?

We have prepared a series of tips to help you choose a girlfriend birthday card: 

  1. Be creative. A birthday card for gf can help you express your feelings without words. Sometimes it’s difficult to say what we feel but greeting birthday cards girlfriend can do it for us. Pick a birthday card for new girlfriend which shows your real feelings, and your girlfriend will understand you without saying a word. Choose nice birthday cards for your girlfriend and your relationship will last forever!
  2. Be passionate. Choose bright colours, bold statements, and provocative pictures. These are the ingredients of the most exciting and romantic birthday cards for girlfriend. She will love it!
  3. Be yourself.  Beautiful birthday cards for girlfriend are always a hit. Girls like romance, candlelit dinners, and roses. Some might say it’s trivial, we say it’s classic! A light-coloured birthday card for my girlfriend with flowers, teddy bears and warm words will be the perfect greeting for her. If you choose such a happy birthday card for my girlfriend, you are guaranteed to win!
  4. Be funny. Girls like a great sense of humour. Choose a funny picture for your girlfriend’s birthday card. Pick cats, dogs, celebrities, or memes, add an amusing statement, and your ideal card is ready!
  5. Be attentive. Celebrating significant dates of the people who mean a lot to us boils down to one thing: paying them attention. You won’t find a single correct definition of what every girl wants on the internet, especially when it comes to what your girlfriend specifically wants. Use her desires for inspiration for her birthday card. For example, if she wants to fly to the Bahamas, select a picture of the Bahamas for her greeting card. We’ll add exploding confetti, you can add tickets to the Bahamas, and you’ll have the perfect present for your loved one.
  6. Be attentive (part two!) All girls have their idols, be they singers, bands, or artists. Create a happy birthday card for girlfriend with an image of her favourite person offering her some warm, funny or motivating words. In Western Europe, personalised birthday cards for girlfriend with Van Gogh are extremely popular, with images as exquisite as the real paintings of Van Gogh. You could write: “you’re as perfect as my pictures.” Choose a popular k-pop band with the motivating words: “love yourself and be yourself.” Choose Britney Spears and write her famous line: “I’m addicted to you.”
  7. Be memorable. We’ve got something special for you: check our catalogue for a more creative and unusual birthday card for girlfriend. Make it a show with our Bomb girlfriend birthday cards. Design a personalised romantic birthday card featuring your favourite photos of the two of you, choose our brightest confetti, and get the party started with a bang!


Flowers always evoke fond emotions. Even one simple flower, plucked for her sake and presented without much pomp, can make her blush with pleasure. However, creative birthday cards for girlfriend made for your girlfriend will stay with her forever. Choosing the best birthday cards girlfriend love to always make her smile!