Rude Birthday Cards

We all have those friends that we can give a funny rude birthday card without worrying if they will misunderstand us or be offended. This isn’t limited to friends; a little silly joke could be quite appropriate for family members or even your boss, if your relationship isn’t too formal and you are always laughing together.
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Is it okay to give a rude birthday card?

Of course! Rude and offensive cards are not suitable for very formal relationships or for people you have only just met. However, if you are choosing a card for those closest to you then it would be more than appropriate. After all, you’ve made fun of each other more than once in your life, so why shouldn’t you do it on their birthday?

Who can you give an offensive birthday card?

We always feel more relaxed around the people we trust, and we can make silly jokes about each other. This doesn’t hurt anyone; they really just emphasize that you know each other well enough to understand such jokes. So, if you have a close and trusting relationship with your friend, partner, or even parents feel free to choose a rude birthday card for them. They know you well enough to understand that you’re not trying to hurt them – on the contrary, you are trying to make them enjoy their day even more!

What messages can be put in rude birthday cards?

You gave your friends or family members elegant birthday cards with the standard messages many times. It is time to take your relationship to a new level and to make your congratulations even more original and memorable. Just add a little bit of humor and silliness to your birthday sayings and it is certain to bring the birthday person even more joy on their special day.

How should you pick a naughty birthday card for your crazy friend?

If you and your friend are on the same page, you will always find a reason to make fun of each other. If the two of you can make a good laugh out of nothing, then this is a nice opportunity to choose a funny rude card for your crazy friend. Whichever birthday card you choose – with a witty picture or dirty but humorous wishes – your friend is sure to appreciate your creativity. You can pick a funny card about getting old or a really offensive birthday card which would only be appropriate for a very close mate.

Sometimes a funny joke works better than a formal birthday greeting because it cheers the recipient up and makes them laugh – exactly what’s needed at a birthday party! See our great collection of rude birthday cards, and you are sure to find one that you like and that will make your favorite person feel your strong bond.