Friends Christmas Cards

Choose Boomf to say a delightful merry Christmas with our humorous and thoughtful Friends Christmas cards. Whether it is to bring a smile to your friend’s face or make them laugh out loud when they open the card, we’ve got you covered with our Christmas cards for friends.

What would life be without friends? There would be no one to get up to mischief with; no one’s shoulder to lean on, and no one to go through life’s many hardships with. Friendships are there to help us through our toughest days and to share awesome experiences. Having a friend is having the privilege of choosing extra family members. So, make the choice to treat your special friend with our Special Friend Christmas cards.

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How can you choose the most awesome Christmas card?

  • Simply, go onto our website and scroll through our many fantastic Christmas cards for friends. Make sure you have time to browse around, as there are many different and spectacular options. 
  • You can use our filtering system to find a more suitable choice.
  • Make sure to choose a card that will resonate with your friend.

What should you write in a Christmas card to a friend?

If you had all the time in the world and unlimited space to write your friend a Christmas card, you would probably end up writing an entire book! 

  • Pick a few of your favourite memories and use these to highlight your gratitude for the friendship you have with your special friend
  • Use your card as a way of hoping for an eventful future in the new year where you and your friend can share many new experiences.
  • And of course, wish your mate a very merry Christmas! 
  • Be sure to leave your friend a little P.S note, and mention that their bottle of wine or gin is waiting for them. That would most definitely do the trick!

Specialities to add to your best friend Christmas card

Show your friend how much you care about them with our various specialities this Christmas. There are so many different ways you could wish your friend a merry Christmas, but our extras are sure to make your special friend Christmas card unforgettable.

  • Use confetti to sprinkle festive cheer over your friend with our Ta-Dah option
  • Wish your friend a merry Christmas with a BANG! with our pop-out option
  • Create the most Christmassy Cube with our Boomf Bomb option
  • Or use your inner artiste to design a unique Friend Christmas card with our online personalisation tool. 

Whichever option you are looking to choose, Boomf can make the Christmas card experience easy for you. 

Boomf is here to help you create a Christmas to remember! We have many different types of friend Christmas cards to help spread some festive cheer and celebrate your friendships. Make Christmas in 2022 the most unforgettable one. Show your friend how much you appreciate them. Get extra sentimental with our special features. Spread some festive cheer with Friends Christmas cards and with a Boomf!