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Personalised Birthday cards from Boomf and our awesome community of independent artists and creators! Spread the love and make them smile with a personalised birthday card from Boomf. Choose from one of our great designs or upload your own photo. You can also upgrade your card so it explodes with confetti flutters with a flying butterfly or goes wild with our pop-up characters.

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Chocolate Card

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Personalised Birthday Cards Collection

Explore our collection of modern birthday cards to easily make your congratulations personalised and notable. Boomf artists use all their skills and creativity to ensure that the assortment meets different tastes. Whatever you are searching for — a heartwarming, sentimental, or a funny birthday card, — you'll find it here!

Are there special birthday cards for certain recipients?

Yes, Boomf has a lot of categories of happy birthday cards. We know how tiring it can be to dive in the ocean of cards trying to find a real gem for your very special person. So we've decided to make it simpler for you!

First, go for vast categories like "for him" or "for her" and choose the age: from cute 1, 5, and 10 cards to amazing Sweet 16 designs. There are also many options for those who are turning 18, 21, 25, 30, 50, or reaching other milestones.

Whether you want to say "happy birthday" to your mom or dad, a sister or a brother, a mother-in-law or the best friend, there is a perfect card here. There are also designs for a wife, a husband, a colleague, etc.

How to choose a perfect birthday card?

First, select a proper category and tick the boxes of filters to narrow down your selection of happy birthday designs to choose from. At Boomf, you can get a card that represents the kind of your relationships best: kind and discreet, close and warm, or witty and even slightly rude.

However, there is one secret tip for making a choice. Just imagine your relative or a friend sitting back a couple of years after, looking through the cards and smiling (or chuckling, if you are looking for a humorous design). Which of the options presented here will make this thought real? Listen to your gut!

What to write in a birthday card to make it memorable?

A unique handwritten message is a detail that turns a carton rectangle into a truly personalised birthday card. But note that just like the card itself, an ideal wish should suit the personality.

Think of the dreams the recipient has and wish them to achieve those dreams. Mention an experience you shared and tell how glad you are to be a part of their life. In fact, be it a long philosophical quote or a short inside joke, it just has to be to the point to make your message outstanding. And if you lack time or inspiration to compose your own message, check out our selection of free happy birthday quotes.

Is there anything extra I can do to make my card unique?

Yes, we have two amazing options on offer! First, you can try our online editor to create a perfect card. Add your favourite photo to a template and write a wish inside. If it's hard for you to pick just one image, use several of them to make a 3D card in the form of a cube. Even a few minutes spent on choosing a photo and making this exclusive design will show how much you care.

Second, you can make your greetings even more fun! We've made it possible to add a bright confetti explosion to happy birthday cards, and this performance will impress everyone!

How quickly will I get my order?

It's a common story when we need to get birthday cards as soon as possible because we were too busy choosing a gift. That's why we do our best to help you get prepared for the celebration within a given time limit. Boomf guarantees the same day dispatch for all readymade designs from the catalogue and personalised birthday cards made in an online editor. However, note that delivering a card can take a few days depending on the destination. Feel free to contact our support team to ask about the delivery time — we try to find the best solution for every customer!

Birthdays come on the same day every year but it doesn't mean that the celebrations should be the same too. Do something special by choosing Boomf's unique designs and amusing confetti birthday cards. Whether you send it by mail or present in person, it will bring the expected effect!

Now, you won't face any difficulty trying to get a perfect birthday card thanks to our vast collection. Moreover, you can create your own exclusive card! Whichever option you choose, it will show your appreciation, and in turn, we'll ensure the same day dispatch to help you get everything done on time. Also, note that we make all our cards blank inside, so you can easily add a personal touch by writing a wish.

Check out the assortment of cards and the functionality of our website, and your congratulation will stand out from any number of social media greetings!