Funny 18th Birthday Cards

Funny 18th birthday cards are fun ways to make a birthday memorable. To many celebrants, it doesn't matter how many people wished them well on their day but if the ones they share with actually bothered to birthday card even if it is a funny 18th birthday card. A popular saying in some parts of the world: Laughter is the best medicine, it tends to remove tension from a place or person. So help the celebrant laugh with funny birthday cards for 18th birthdays from us.
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How can you make 18th birthday cards funny? 

It's not hard to make a birthday card funny. Funny birthday cards are reserved for people that share a close bond. So,  write about any funny anecdote or phrase that you share with the recipient. Or give a funny personalized 18th birthday card with one of their most embarrassing pictures. These will surely get a funny reaction from the recipient. 

What special funny 18th birthday cards does Boomf offer?

We are always ready to help you find the perfect card for your 18-year-old dear one. Check out these nice designs and our suggestions on what to write inside.

  • Point Me to the nearest bar birthday card: I know the bar is what's on your mind. So let's go get some shots. I promise to not show your pictures tomorrow. Happy 18th birthday.
  • Older but none the wiser birthday card: Congratulations on reaching adulthood but remember in some countries of the world you are still a child. 
  • Chin hairs card - birthday card: Who knew you would turn into Kong as you grow. Happy birthday Chin(a).
  • Gemma Collins 18th birthday card: Yes you have finally earned your Diva, but becoming an adult is the worst action you have over completed. Welcome to the age of bills and nasty mistakes.
  • Search history birthday card: may your brain have a reset and may you find pleasure in all you do.
  • Hair looking lit birthday card: happy birthday, may your cake hair always look lit and may it never be bald.

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