Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that goes back centuries and has since become a cherished part of the Christmas season for many people worldwide. Available in a variety of styles and cards designs, beautifully festive Christmas cards allow people to express their Christmas cards greetings in a personal way. For something a little special this Christmas, try sending your loved ones personalised Christmas cards which produce a shower of confetti from Boomf!

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Where can I buy Christmas cards online?

Christmas is edging ever so near, which means it's time to start thinking about Christmas cards. If you're looking for somewhere to buy Xmas cards online for Christmas, you have come to the right cards shop!

Buy Christmas cards at Boomf

Here at Boomf, we have a wide range of cards designs of Christmas cards to choose from, meaning you'll easily be able to find Christmas cards for all your loved ones. Whether you're looking for cards with traditional Christmas designs or more quirky cards, funny cards or cards with heartfelt captions, we have got you covered with our range of designs of cards on any theme related to Christmas.

Our Christmas cards are delivered directly to your door — or to that of the person you want to present these cards to — and you can easily personalise your cards with text or photos. When you choose Christmas cards from Boomf, you can be sure that you're sending truly unique and memorable cards this Christmas.

Check out our special types of cards 

If you want to spread some magical Christmas cheer through cards (which we are sure you do!), why not try one of our pop-up character cards, or go for something a little different with our range of confetti cards! After all, some festive confetti flying from Christmas cards is the perfect thing to enhance the Christmas mood of your Christmas party.

We get it. Christmas cards can sometimes take a backseat to the more important things related to Christmas (like mince pies, mulled wine, and Christmas trees). But that's where we come in! At Boomf, we believe sending Christmas cards should be just as fun and exciting as all the other Christmas traditions.

What should I write in my Christmas cards?

Not sure what to write in your Christmas cards this year? Don't worry; you're not alone. With the Christmas season upon us, many of us are scrambling to come up with the perfect Christmas message to send to our friends and loved ones in cards.

Tips to get you started on your Christmas cards

It’s Christmas! Don't be afraid to be festive

Write something in your cards that will put a smile on the recipient's face and get them into the Christmas spirit. Many see the Christmas season as a reason for fun and laughter, so why not include a festive joke in your cads fit for a Christmas cracker! Here's one you can use — 'What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? An abdominal snowman!'

Write something that will make children excited for Christmas Day

A reminder that they are on the 'nice list' will certainly do the trick! Christmas cards coming from Santa himself will also only enhance their festive mood and make the Christmas season even more magical.

Take cards as the opportunity to catch up with old friends and family members

Cards on Christmas is the perfect occasion to let them know what you've been up to over the past year. From starting a new job or buying a house to welcoming a new baby, many people use Christmas cards as an opportunity to update people on the significant events in their life.

Have a go at personalising each of your cards

A simple "Merry Christmas!" is an excellent go-to for your cards, but if you want to truly stand out, add a thoughtful message or inside joke that only the two of you will understand.

When paired with one of our beautiful designs of Christmas cards, whatever you choose to write in your cards, your message will spread a smile on the faces of all your friends and loved ones this Christmas season.

So, relax and enjoy spreading some holiday cheer with your Christmas cards!

So what makes Boomf's Christmas cards special?

We're so glad you asked!

Boomf cards can be personalised with your own text or photos using our handy online personalisation tool, making your cards as unique as the person receiving it. Sharing photos in personalised Christmas cards is such a lovely and magical way to connect with friends and family, near and far. You can adorn your Christmas cards with photos from your last year’s party or a picture of your family from when you were a child, a lovely photo of your pet dressed in a cute Christmas costume or a photo collage of all your favourite photos of you and the recipient at once. In any case, your personalised Christmas cards also make great keepsakes they will enjoy year after year.

Boomf’s special types of cards

  • Here at Boomf, we offer so much more than just your standard Xmas cards. Just take a look at our Wild cards. Our fantastic pop-up characters are guaranteed to spread joy and bring some extra festive fun with cards. Plus, our selection of figurines for pop-out cards includes such fun Christmas characters as penguins and snowmen.
  • Or you can try Tah-Dah cards, which look inconspicuous, but shower the recipient in a flurry of confetti upon opening, making for a truly memorable Christmas cards greeting! Sure to make anyone smile, these wonderful confetti cards come in a range of colours and can be personalised too.
  • Or if you really can’t make up your mind as to what photo should go on your Christmas cards, just go for our Boomf Bomb. These unique cards are photo cube cards with your message and photos on all sides. Plus, these cards jump out of the packaging in a flurry of confetti, making for truly memorable gift cards.
  • Finally, both children and adults alike absolutely love our Flutter Christmas cards! When they open their Flutter cards, a flying butterfly toy 'flutters' out, giving the reader a little extra surprise!

These extraordinary Boomf Christmas cards are gifts that keep on giving; how lovely is that? With so many glorious Christmas designs of cards created by our clever designers of cards, and additional upgrades for cards, you'll no doubt find your new go-to favourite Christmas cards here at Boomf.