Kids Christmas Cards

Congratulations, you've found the perfect place to get the best, most magical Christmas cards for your kids this festive season! From 3D pop-up character cards that jump out of an envelope with a burst of confetti to fun Christmas greeting cards - all cards can be personalised with a message and/or image(s) depending on the chosen format. Add more fun & magic with Boomf!

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How to choose perfect Christmas cards for kids?

Picking out the perfect kids Christmas cards may seem an easy job, but there are just so many adorable options to choose from! Whether you want something traditional or modern, cute or quirky, we have something to suit all the children in your life.

But, if you're still wanting some inspiration, then take a look at these top tips:

What do I say in children's Christmas cards?

It can be tough to know what to say in kids Christmas cards; after all, you don't want to sound like a plain boring adult!

Christmas-themed language and puns will make them laugh, while something a little more personal will let them know how loved they are.

Adding a personal message, like a memory or photo, will make the card extra special for the child. They'll absolutely love receiving a card with their name on it or a special message inside just for them, and it'll make the whole experience more memorable for them!

Why are Boomf's special Christmas cards perfect for children?

Aside from our fantastic range of beautifully designed kids Christmas cards, we make it easier than ever to add personal touches using our online personalisation tool!

To make your chosen card even more perfect for the children in your life, why not check out our awesome upgrades? Our wild cards feature a pop-up character of your choosing, something that is sure to make them smile!

Or why not try out a Boomf bomb? An explosion of confetti flies out when the recipient opens this particular Christmas card; just imagine the squeals of joy these unique upgrades will bring!

Share some magical holiday cheer with the children in your life, by sending some Boomf kids Christmas cards!