Funny Dad Birthday Cards

Funny dad birthday cards make dad jokes sound like nothing. With intense creativity and artistic skills put into this, Boomf presents to you the wittiest, humorous birthday cards for dads you will ever need. Once you view the funny dad's birthday cards we have available for you, you will not need to check any other store for dad's birthday cards. Want to find out if that's true? Here you go.

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Milk It Card


How can you make a birthday card for dad funny?

To make a funny birthday card for dad, it's quite easy with Boomf. We already have different, funny birthday cards for dad designed on the covers of our greeting cards and all that is left to you is to choose one and write something inside.

How to choose the right dad's funny Happy Birthday card?

Here are things you have to consider.

  1. Your dad's sense of humour. Some jokes are funny to some dads and some are just overboard.
  2. Sensitive areas.
  3. The kind of relationship you have with him.
  4. Make sure the joke on the cover of your dad's joke birthday card is one you have told before or something related.

We know that you already have an idea of what funny birthday card to get your dad and that you have considered the above. Now here are ideas on what to write in it. 

  1. Considering the front cover, you might want to continue the joke, but be careful not to take the fun away from it.
  2. Call him the coolest dad for loving the card you spent money on.
  3. Thank them for something mundane like creating you. 

What special funny birthday cards for dads does Boomf offer? 

Note that we also sell cards that could not be deemed as offensive to any father or stepfather in this collection. You may get those if you are sure of what to buy. Each card is already trademarked anyway, so it's never going to be a cliche or ordinary card. 

Dads do a lot to make us laugh, it's our turn to make them laugh with funny dad birthday cards on their special day.