90 Best 23rd Birthday Captions for Social Media

90 Best 23rd Birthday Captions for Social Media

Here's why 23rd birthday captions are now super important. Social media today is basically the new real world. Everybody has to get their coolest and sexiest shots out on their special day to post them all around the internet. It's the trending way to commemorate their big day. It's nice to see photos of your friends and family when they are casually chilling around on Instagram. What's even more popular is going to the studio for some birthday photoshoots. If you have your outfit, poses, and photographer picked and ready, all you need is a great caption that will tie everything together. Check out our amazing Birthday cards collection to celebrate this special occasion.

23rd Birthday Captions

What's the point of a spectacular photo without the adjoining caption to go with it? 23rd birthdays are severely overlooked but we think they are also special. Check out some specific 23rd birthday captions that apply to particular people.

Instagram 23rd Birthday Captions

Who has a birthday party and forgets to post pics on the number one picture-sharing social media platform? Absolutely no one. Chances are, if you have cute 23rd birthday photos to mark your birthday, you are already planning for Instagram posts. And they need memorable captions. Let's help you out with a few suggestions.

  • Being twenty-three and still being this fine is a big flex
  • College is over. Time to be that bitch I was created to be. #twentythree
  • Where are my balloons and friends at? We are about to throw the biggest 23rd birthday bash ever!
  • Cheers to being twenty-three and still being daddy’s spoilt brat.
  • Being twenty-three means you’re too young to have it all figured out and too old to have nothing figured out in life.
  • Today would not have been as good without you all.
  • #twentythree #birthdaymood 
  • Keep calm and celebrate with me today.
  • I want everyone to know that it's my birthday today!
  • I'm gonna scream and shout and let it all out. #23!

Short 23rd Birthday Captions

Keeping it short is keeping it real. 23 is a calm, cool, and incredibly mature age and you might just want a simple and short caption for your post. Try these:

  • Chapter 23
  • Cheers to 23 years
  • Happy 23rd birthday.
  • +1 today. Happy Birthday to me!
  • Twenty-free
  • 23 and stunning
  • Here's to being 23.
  • It's the 23rd season.
  • Officially twenty-three!!!
  • Blink-182 was wrong. I am 23 and I like me.

Funny 23rd Birthday Captions

Humour sets the tone for the post. There is something about funny captions that makes the vibe right with your followers. Funny captions make you come off as friendly and nice rather than rude. You can find out funny 23rd birthday captions below:

  • Happy unimportant birthday to me.
  • 23? I grew up so fast.
  • Blink-182 was right. Nobody likes you when you're twenty-three. 
  • I'm not twenty-three, I am just twenty with three years of experience.
  • Any chance I can trade a year for snacks? 23 bags of chips won't be so bad. 
  • Old but gold.
  • Twenty-three revolutions around the sun and still can't run a mile?
  • Uh-oh. Twenty-three means metabolism slows down a bit more.
  • Hello, she's 23 and she's single. I'm for her number.
  • Hello, he's 23 and a single, hot hunk. Slide up for his number.

Inspiring 23rd Birthday Captions

Do you have those like, Uhm, ambitious friends or are you one yourself? Here is a list of inspiring 23rd birthday captions to tag your selfies with:

  • Twenty-three is that age when nobody's looking, you are not attracting much attention and drama but you can invest these quiet days in building yourself into a solid site attraction that nobody can resist.
  • You are three years into your twenties. Have a blast but don't forget that your twenties are pivotal to your whole life. 
  • At twenty-three, the whole world is your playing field and you can be on any team you want. 
  • All that youth and gusto of being 23. Use it wisely and exhaustively. 
  • Nobody tells you how important the big 23 is. Many life plans take place at this age and it sets the pace for your entire life. 
  • I know you're 23 and thinking about the future and what it holds for you. I hope you never lose yourself in the bustling world.
  • As you get older, never forget that one person back home loves you and is always praying for you. 
  • Happy Birthday to you. My wish for you is that you never regret any life decision you make at this age. 
  • Cheers to many more years of celebrating your wins on your birthday. 
  • Happy 23rd Birthday to the one I know will bring so much honour and joy to his folks back home.

Cute 23rd Birthday Captions

Warm, sweet birthday texts that rearrange your insides are what supportive friends or friendly colleagues send to each other on their birthdays. These are some amazing, cute 23rd birthday captions.

  • Thanks, mom, for creating me on this fine day, 23 years ago
  • Hugs and kisses with birthday wishes
  • Counting the memories and not the years
  • Party on!
  • Wishing you a happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to me!
  • Age is but a number
  • Another year, another cheer
  • May 23 be the answer to all your heart desires
  • Grateful for another year.

23rd Birthday Captions for Yourself

You also need to post your selfies and group selfies on your special day with an emotional caption. Being 23 is a huge deal. You can post all your best portraits and caption them with one of these 

  • I have done so many things in this life but one thing I have not done is turn 23. It is a whole unplowed ground for me. I do wish it brings me good fruits. 
  • I have planned for this day since last year and it is finally here. Happy birthday to me and all those people who love me too much to let me have my own birthday. 
  • There are many things I am so proud of myself for. Cheers to a new year to me. I hope I continue making myself and my family proud. 
  • Nothing marks new opportunities like new years. It is my new year. I am grateful for a new opportunity to be healthier, happier, and more successful. I am grateful to be alive and doing well. May my years bring me more goodness and favour all around. 
  • 22 was hard but necessary. I overcame it all and grew. Cheers to more growth.
  • Bring it on, 23. I have a hard shell and thick skin so I'm ready for everything you will throw at me. This one is a fighter.
  • Happy birthday to me. Ilysm. #biththdayvibes
  • Keep calm and celebrate with me today. I'm twenty three.
  • As I get closer to the age I will have kids, I just want to party more and have some fun. #23
  • I'm stepping into a new chapter. 23 will be such a blissful year for me.

23rd Birthday Captions for a Friend 

Whether you're older or younger than your 23-year-old friend. If it's by many years or just a few, celebrating with them by posting social media status updates on their birthday is as important as showing up to eat the cake. If you need captions to work with, here are some to try:

  • Oh my God, you're old. A few more years and you're putting off the light and talking about saving energy.
  • I love you very much but I'm just here for the cake.
  • Hey, it's our birthday. Bring the candles, let's make a wish.
  • +1 for you. Hopefully, you get more mature this year.
  • Older but sadly not wiser. Happy 23rd birthday, bestie.
  • Thank God I have someone like you. You get me so much and I am only thrilled to be celebrating this birthday with you. You are one of a kind, my dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday, partygoer. Today you actually have a reason to throw one. But you never need a reason, do you?
  • Couldn't be any gladder that my best friend is turning 23, finally! We can now be age mates again.
  • Happy Birthday. Just remember that you will never be alone as long as you have me. Have a good one. 
  • Happy birthday, boo. What would you do without me?

23rd Birthday Captions for a Boyfriend

OMG. I can tell that you are screaming right now. It's your boyfriend's day and you, as his girlfriend, have to come up with the perfect, unmatchable caption for your pics together. If you are not already dreading coming up with the caption, you will be squealing out loud. But let's take the load off your shoulder. We have done the hard work to bring you the perfect 23rd birthday captions for your boyfriend.

  • Thank you for being one of the best decisions I have made and see to it that I make only good decisions afterward. Happy Birthday, love. 
  • Having you is having the most amazing boyfriend in the world. You rock! Happy birthday, Rock.
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the whole world.  
  • I have everything I need as long as I have you. I love you, boyfriend. Happy 23rd birthday.
  • Nothing says I love you more than actually posting your pic on Instagram on your birthday. So hang on to that for the rest of the year when I'm not all cute and mushy.
  • You better not be having fun without me today.
  • It's my party if it's your party. My day if it's your day.
  • Hip! hip!! Hurray!!! My babe is 23
  • As the years go by, I am just more and more grateful that we're together. Cheers to 23.
  • For me, it's the most wonderful time of the year. It's my man's birthday. 

23rd Birthday Captions for a Girlfriend

What's up, bro? Yeah, you like to act like you're just calm and you're not jumping for joy inside because it's your girlfriend's birthday in a few days. Have you picked out the best gift for her?

  • The days will always go by. One after the other but I am the content you can always fall back on. I'll be here for you through thick and thin. It's your birthday. Go out and have fun.
  • It's a party every day with you. Happy Birthday anyway.
  • Sometimes I wonder what good I did to have you. Just know that if you are looking for me at any point in time, just turn around. I'll always have your back. 
  • She's a keeper. She's my number one. I love her and it's her birthday. 
  • I have never felt this happy with someone. It's my duty to ensure you are always happy. Today and forever.
  • Happy birthday my baby girl #birthdaygirl
  • Hip! Hip! Hurray!!! My girl is 23.
  • I never knew what I needed until you came into my life. Thanks for always being there.
  • I'm here for the cake and to sneak some kisses when no one is looking. 
  • Party's over. Let's take it upstairs.

Birthday parties, pictures, birthday cakes, all these are good but the day is not complete without a gorgeous happy 23rd birthday card to keep as a memento. Cards are not just to be thrown away. They are the relics of each birthday celebrated. More like trophies of milestones passed. If you want to really do a nice thing for a friend or family member on their birthday, head over to Boomf to find the perfect birthday card to buy for them.

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