Sunflower Mother's Day Cards

A festive spring day will be perfectly complemented by a sunflower Mother’s Day card. Send a positive message with a printed bouquet of these sunny blooms which embody happiness and the approaching summer. They will perfectly express your sincere wishes, love and gratitude.

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Is sunflower appropriate for Mother’s Day?

Flowers are always a versatile choice. You can diversify your wishes by creating your own Bomb with pop-up confetti to spread the holiday spirit. You can also create the atmosphere of a sunflower field by adding a floating butterfly. Such an addition is hard not to notice! Warm wishes coupled with bright yellow suns will be the epitome of taste and sophistication. 

No one knows your mom as well as you do so find out her favourite flowers in advance! She will be pleased to receive a printed blossom that will never wither. Additionally, if you have a perfect photo of your family, please her by incorporating it into a custom greeting. It's always nice to get a little reminder of happy moments.

A small souvenir paired with special words is always a great gift. Create a radiant mood with our inspired floral designs. It won’t take you long to work out how to best please your favorite woman! Give mom a whole world of emotions with a sunflower Mother’s Day card from Boomf.