Halloween Pumpkin Greeting Cards

This year, make sure to send the perfect pumpkin Halloween card with Boomf. Our selection of Halloween cards with pumpkins on them is sure to please anyone looking for a design featuring this one of the main symbols of the spooky season. Choose from our stylish bright-coloured designs, there is definitely the perfect card for you!

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Carving scary faces in pumpkins is one of the most popular Halloween traditions. Whether you love to carve pumpkins with your family or friends or you know someone who does, it’s worth honouring this tradition with pumpkin Halloween cards. They just scream Halloween and can be pretty scary as well.

If you’re planning to get creative with your pumpkin this year. Boomf also suggests you save some of your creativity to personalise your Halloween cards with pumpkins. Add some photos of your and your friends’ previous masterpieces and type in your Halloween greeting. Such an approach will certainly make receiving a card from you a memorable experience.

Don’t forget that Boomf has Ta-dah cards that explode in a shower of confetti and Wild cards with cute figurines popping out. The person you’re going to present the card to will most likely already be on edge, expecting some sort of mischief — it’s that time of the year after all — so such a surprise inside a pumpkin Halloween card will definitely make them jump.