Valentine's Day Meme Cards

Any fun-loving couple will definitely appreciate meme Valentine cards. These are enjoyable and can be customized, just as memes are meant to. Want to know more about your choices? Check out our collection of Valentine cards below.

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What to write in Valentine meme cards

  • A fun anecdote

The best way to make a funny Valentine card meme is to think of funny memory you have with your partner. It may be a humorous experience or a witty one-liner from your loved one. The key is to dig into your memories. 

  • Draw your version of a meme

You might want to draw something featuring meme stars like the angry cat, the one with the woman yelling at a cat, and the Drake approves/disapproves ones. There are simply lots of options to choose from. 

How to make meme Valentine cards special on Boomf?

You can achieve a funny meme greeting card with the help of Boomf, which allows you to pick the type of card, image, message, and design. You can even add your own surprising twist with a pop-out figure or a confetti shower. 


Whether you are writing a card for your anniversary, Heart’s day, or any occasion, your partner will appreciate a funny note. Make your own meme Valentine cards with Boomf’s variety of pre-made and personalized options.

Valentine cards are a must-have for any couple, and boomf has got you covered with a range of hilarious and sentimental cards. Whether you're looking for something cheesy or something more creative, we've got you covered. Plus, if you're short on time, our quick and easy checkout means that you can get your hands on your cards in no time at all.