Funny Mother's Day Cards for Wife

Your wife is your choice, and if you treat her like a queen, you will be happy. Choose the best presents, the right words filled with humour, and you will her happy. Funny Mother's Day cards for wives can help you with this. These guarantee a smile and a joyful mood, it will be a charge of cheerfulness for you for the whole day!

Firstly, choose a colour your wife likes. If she doesn’t have any particular preferences, choose what you like, but focus on bright and light colours such as white, blue, pink, yellow, and orange. Make it bright and colourful!

Secondly, choose a picture. It can be anything: bears, flowers, balloons, babies, or many others. Everything depends on your preferences for a funny Mother's Day card for your wife. 

Thirdly, choose some kind words for your wife. You don’t need to write a long poem, just choose some warm words so she will understand your feelings. For example

  • The children and I will try our best to please you and never offend.
  • Your biggest feats are giving love so generously, always having hugs to spare, and finding time to give to everyone.
  • Life is a bun, and you are a raisin in it. Love you! 

Consider choosing a Boom card, with funny photos of your life you treasure. Choose confetti to make this day the nicest ever! 

Our funny Mother's Day cards are sure to make your wife happy!