Daughter 18th Birthday Cards

Few things bespeak a daughter's adulthood as her 18th birthday, and what better way to say so than on a creatively designed daughter 18th birthday card. They come in so many different styles, that it would be difficult not to find one you know your daughter would like.
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Age 18 Card


18 Pink Card


What card should I get my daughter for her 18th birthday?

Getting the right 18th daughter birthday card depends on what your daughter's personality is like. Some daughters can't wait to completely move out of their parents’ house and move in with their friends, letting you know, they're no longer girls, but women now! Some girls want straight A's and plan to be UN Secretary-General at 30! All these happen and we as parents silently smile in our hearts, at their various displays of youthful exuberance. In the end, all they want is their parents to be proud of them and a card that says so. And since you know your daughter best, you know what design can best say so. You can customize one yourself on Boomf or pick one of our varieties of trademark designs.

  • You're my Queen bomb cards (for daughters who need to be brutally reminded that you love them and are proud of them)
  • You've earned your Divas. Happy 18th Birthday (for a daughter who says she's a queen and has finally earned it)
  • Flowery Happy 18th Birthday cards (for a daughter that likes a good gesture)

And many more in our catalogue.

What should I write on my daughter's birthday card?

All most want to hear, is that they're awesome and all the things they do, that parents don't understand are all awesome too. You're proud of them and love them, not because you have to, but because you like them.

How do I personalize my daughter's 18th birthday card?

It's easy, simply click on the personalize button or image on the Boomf page and follow the steps listed afterwards.

Other birthday templates from Boomf are:

  • Wishing you an Anime-zing birthday
  • Dreaming of a green list country birthday card
  • Dancing shoes greeting card

Daughter 18th birthday cards can also mean a lot if presented with gifts as well. Happy hunting!