Confetti Christmas Cards

Boomf's confetti Christmas cards are a magnificent way to add a little extra excitement to the occasion! Each confetti Christmas card features a built-in confetti barrel that will explode when opened, showering your close ones with a festive surprise. These cards are sure to put a smile on any face, and they come in a variety of designs to suit any taste. Whether you want something traditional or more unique, Boomf has you covered. Add some Christmas cheer to your cards with Boomf's exploding confetti cards.

Looking to personalise your Christmas cards even further? Then we are excited to tell you that even our Christmas card confetti can be personalised — you can choose the colour and even shape of confetti for your Christmas card! Each card is printed with your own message and photo and comes with a pack of confetti inside. When you open the card, the confetti bursts out in a shower of colour! Simply upload a photo of your choice, add a custom message, and we'll take care of the rest! Our cards are made with high-quality cardstock and feature our signature Boomf confetti explosion. They're sure to make a big impression on whoever receives them! So why not add a little extra boom to your Christmas this year with one of these fun cards?