Cat Christmas Cards

Whether you want to send a card from your cat, or you just love the furry little creatures, you'll need some cat Christmas cards! Cats, the ever-so-loved pet, have taken over the internet, our social media feeds, and now they're coming for Christmas too! Add some purr-sonality to your holiday season with these meow-tastic personalised cat Christmas cards. Why not upgrade your cards with some surprise confetti too?

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What can I write in a Christmas card from a cat?

We love our pets like children, so there's no wonder we want to get them involved in the most wonderful time of year! If you wish to send cat Christmas cards to your partner, child or anyone else, you want to choose the best message possible from your cat.

This is the perfect opportunity to have festive fun and give a whole lot of personality to your little feline friend! Here are some punny ideas for what a cat may write in cat Xmas cards to their human:

  • Wishing you a meowy Christmas!
  • 'Tis the season to be furry!
  • Have a claw-some Christmas!

Can I get special cat Christmas cards on Boomf?

We love all things Christmas and know cat lovers are mad about their moggies, so of course, we have the best range of cute cat Christmas cards available! Our online personalisation tool makes it easy to customise your chosen cat Christmas cards with photos and text. 

  • If you or the person you’re making the card for have a cat, then there must be tons of cute photos of this lovely creature. Why not make your cat Christmas card special with their help? Simply choose the Boomf Bomb option and customise this photo cube with pictures of the cat in question. This will surely melt the recipient’s heart.
  • And if you like an extra surprise, try our Confetti Cannons that unfold to reveal your message inside while shooting out confetti. For a more delicate and unexpected surprise, turn your cat Christmas card into a Ta-dah one.

Christmas is a time for fun, cheer and furry friends, so get sending those cat Christmas cards!