Black and White Christmas Cards

Check out black and white Christmas cards in our collection below. Here, you can find a variety of Christmas cards for your friends, family, and colleagues, including black and white Xmas cards.

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Why black and white Christmas cards are selling

We recognized the need in the market for black and white Christmas cards. There is a certain brilliance that comes with a nice and simple black and white Xmas card. The designs can vary from minimalistic to intricate and complex, and the monochrome colour scheme makes any design something different.

These black and white Christmas greeting cards are good enough for anyone. No characters, no colours. As long as the design, text, and font suit you, then it's perfect.

What can I add to my black and white Christmas card to make it more enticing?

Black and white cards are precise. If that is too easy and you want to spice it up a bit, there are Boomf features you can add to the Christmas card. 

  • Bomb cards
  • Confetti shooters
  • 3D character and confetti bomb combo<
  • Flutter cards

Any card you pick is printed on demand. You get the exact selection you make when you order from Boomf. You can even create your black and white Christmas card yourself by choosing the ‘Create your own’ option.