Number Birthday Cards

Our age birthday cards can be an excellent final touch for such a huge event. We have plenty of designs for various celebrations, from 1st birthdays to Sweet 16s, 21st, 30th, and 50th, or 70ths. There are dozens of cards for children, parents, family members, friends, and colleagues, so you are sure to find the perfect one.

What are birthday milestone cards?

Milestone birthday cards are almost indispensable at big celebrations. These are cards meant to be presented on important birthdays like the 10th, the 18th, the 21st, the 40th, or the 100th. They usually incorporate the age digits into the design and come in different styles, from classical and traditional to cute and funny.

How do you choose the ideal milestone birthday card?

With the huge variety of number birthday cards available, it could be difficult to find the most suitable one, but Boomf has made the search simple. Select the parameters by choosing cards for her or him, for a certain age, and your preferred style. Once you’ve narrowed the selection down, think about what you are looking for: consider the recipient’s hobbies, favourite colours, or fondness for humorous designs. You can also make use of our online editor to make a customised card — write their age, and name, and place a lovely photo on the front. Don’t forget to add a shower of confetti to the card for an impressive surprise!

What should you write on a milestone age birthday card?

When giving a card for such a special day, it’s best to sign it with a warm and meaningful message. Of course, there are a lot of funny birthday cards where a joke would be appropriate. Still, even in such cases, you can add a few heartfelt words. The content of your message will depend on the age of the recipient and the nature of your relationship, but there are some common tips for everyone. First, take inspiration from famous quotes. Second, take your time to make a draft and edit it. And third, just write from your heart – you probably already know what the recipient wants to hear.

Browse Boomf’s age birthday cards to acknowledge a crucial part of the life journey, or try our online editor to make a customised design and ensure that your greeting is as amazing as the recipient deserves!