Jobs at the House of Boomf

Boomf is a gifting company for the digital age. We launched in Nov 2013 and since then we’ve shipped over 30 tons of marshmallows. We are growing rapidly - we grew by 600% last year - and we’re only just getting started.

We have new products in the pipeline. We think we are on to something big and we are looking for ambitious people who want to grow with us.

Our big aim? We want to give our customers gifting super-powers.

Hong Kong marketing executive

In 2016 we want more people in Hong Kong and South East Asia to discover the multi-sensory delight that is a Boomf marshmallow.

To date, we’ve done rather well in the region, and we want to step it up a gear. Could you help take Boomf to the next level? We are looking for someone with ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to drive Boomf forward.

Tactics you might want to try

  1. Paid and social experiments across all digital platforms.
  2. Find and contact relevant bloggers/influencers to excite them about Boomf.
  3. Build a social media presence in the region.
  4. Write copy for local ads (and suggest where they should be placed).
  5. Press releases and public relations.
  6. … and whatever else you come up with!

We are looking for someone who is

  1. A good communicator: a sparky writer and clever with photos.
  2. A creative thinker: you’ll come up with novel ways to spread the news.
  3. Goal-oriented: if your activity can be measured, it is so much more valuable!
  4. Entrepreneurial: above all, your job is to make things happen..
  5. Proficient in written and spoken English and Cantonese (and ideally Mandarin, too).
  6. Allowed to work in the UK.


Competitive salary, flexible working hours, lots of marshmallows.

How to apply

Send CV (or LinkedIn profile) and covering email to

Start date

As soon as possible (but as long as it takes to find the right person).

Date posted

8th January 2016

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