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An explosive way to say
  • happy birthday
  • thank you
  • happy anniversary
  • I love you

  • New! The Boomf Bomb

    Send a party! The card that jumps from its envelope in an explosion of confetti

    Exploding card hero
    • Only £4.99
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    • 1
      What’s the Boomf Bomb?

      It’s a personalised photo cube that pops out its envelope in a spray of confetti.

    • 2
      Can I add a message?

      Yep! Your gift message gets printed on the top of the Bomb. Personalise the four sides with your pictures.

    • 3
      Can I see one explode?

      Here’s a video of the Boomf Bomb in action. See some real reactions from our friends.

  • Box of nine vanilla or strawberry marshmallows with your photos

    Worldwide delivery is completely freeeeee!

    Boomf hero birthday
    • Only £15
  • The Boomf Card

    Personalised cards with room for a gift

    Tokyo box hero birthday
    • From £9.50
    Find out more about the boomf card
    • 1
      What is the Boomf Card?

      Simply put, it's a personalised card with the qualities of a gift box. Add a small gift inside to add extra Boomf to any occasion.

    • 2
      Is that a biscuit?

      Boomf now sells a personalised biscuit as well as a new range of gifts exclusively with the Boomf Card.

    • 3
      What fits inside?

      A gift smaller than 11 x 17 x 1.8 cm can fit inside. Our gift selection has been curated to make a big impression in a small space.

  • Box of two marshmallows

    Personalised with your photos

    2box hero birthday
    • Only £7
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    • 1
      Why would I buy this?

      The 2-mallow box is a great gift for all occasions. It's especially popular for kids' birthdays.

    • 2
      Can I add a message inside?

      The box is too small to hold an insert with a gift message so this option isn't available.

    • 3
      Can it be gift wrapped?

      We don't offer this option but you can buy your own personalised wrap to do this. We can make that for you!

  • Personalised Gift Wrap

    Gift wrap with your photos and messages

    Personalised gift wrap
    • Only £5
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    • 1
      What is it?

      It's exactly what it says it is! Personalise your gift wrap with your own images and our designs.

    • 2
      How big is it?

      One sheet of wrap is 61cm x 61cm in size. Make sure to order enough to wrap your entire gift.

    • 3
      Tell me more

      One Sheet of wrap is £5. Three sheets is £10. Choose the amount you want at checkout.

  • Mallowpops

    Nine personalised marshmallows on sticks

    Mallow pops hero birthday
    • Only £20
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    • 1
      What are Mallowpops?

      Think personalised marshmallows on sticks, but with extra ‘OMG! THAT’S AMAZEBALLS’.

    • 2
      Party pizzazz

      Give a whole box to a friend, or split the box for kids' party bags or name places at weddings.

    • 3
      Tell me more

      Mallowpops come in boxes of nine. They are super easy to order and we ship worldwide.

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    Mix your photos & our designs

    You've got the message, we've got the design. Whatever you want to say, say it with Boomf.

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    • Gift wrap

      Fine Italian paper, cute Boomf designs - our wrap takes your gift to another level.

    • Made in England

      Our factory in rural Berkshire has made 2 million personalised marshmallows. Yum!

    • 100% delight guarantee

      If you're not happy, we're not happy. We'll always go the extra mile to keep you smiling.

    • Special orders

      If you are planning a wedding or doing something unusual, give us shout! More details

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