Your photos on marshmallows

A delicious way to say
  • will you be mine
  • happy birthday
  • thank you
  • happy anniversary
  • I love you

Box of nine marshmallows with your photos

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    • Only €20
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  • Boomf introduces Buntella

    Buntella hero xmas
    Personalised bunting
    100% cotton
    • €34
    • £25
    • $38
    Find out more about Buntella
    • 1
      What is Buntella?

      Buntella is personalised bunting for any occasion. It jollies up birthday parties, weddings and fetes.

    • 2
      Why is it called Buntella?

      Bunt because of bunting. Ella because she's our dog. She's also the CEO, but that's not important.

    • 3
      Nine bunts - 100% cotton

      Each bunt is 15cm x 15cm in size, strung along 3 metres of yacht-grade bias tape.

    • See more about Buntella
  • Mallowpops! Nine personalised marshmallows on sticks

    Mallow pops hero
    Free shipping worldwide!
    • Only €27
    • Only £20
    • Only $30
    Find out more about Mallowpops
    • 1
      What are Mallowpops?

      Think personalised marshmallows on sticks, but with extra ‘OMG! THAT’S AMAZEBALLS’.

    • 2
      Party pizzazz

      Give a whole box to a friend, or split the box for kids' party bags or name places at weddings.

    • 3
      Tell me more

      Mallowpops come in boxes of nine. They are super easy to order and we ship worldwide. Create yours now.

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    • Gift wrap

      Boomf designs on finest Italian paper. Plus special options for Chinese New Year and Valentines.

    • Made in England

      Our factory in rural Berkshire has made 2 million personalised marshmallows. Yum!

    • 100% delight guarantee

      If you're not happy, we're not happy. We'll always go the extra mile to make you happy.

    • Psst... New from Boomf!

      Personalised bunting with your photos on. Visit Buntella.

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