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Boomf offers an assortment of wedding cards for all the stages of this beautiful event. Invitations and “will you marry me” cards, greeting cards, “thank you!” cards — all of these will be treasured for years to come as sweet memories. On this page, you can find a variety of designs for the big day, and the happy couple will be glad to receive such lovely congratulations as a supplement to the gift.

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Chocolate Card

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Feyonce Card


Thank You Card


A card for a wedding can be as unique as the style and vibe of the celebration itself. We know that all relationships and weddings are different, and thats why weve created a wide range of cards of different kinds. There are bright, modern, and geometric designs, vintage and Victorian, formal and funny. There are also cards with pop-up elements, floral and tropical, western, and black-and-white ones. Boomf has several contemporary subcategories like zentangle or steampunk. All of them have beautiful calligraphy on the front side but are blank inside so you can write your unique message!

Whether you are a close relative, a bridesmaid, or another honourable guest, we have at least a few options for wedding day cards to choose from. Here, you can find a wedding card for the best friend, to a bride or a brides mom and dad, for a son and a daughter-in-law, as well as a daughter and a son-in-law. In the collection, there are cards for Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr, and Mrs and Mrs. If it is your brother, sister, cousin, nephew, or niece who are getting married, we have something for you too! Moreover, we have cards for unusual situations: for instance, we have ones which can help you apologise for a postponed wedding.

However, even though there are so many ready-made designs, what could be better than a personalised approach? And Boomf can help you with that, too! Make personalised wedding cards in our online editor. Put your favourite photo of the newlyweds on the front, add sincere greetings, and the card will become a nice gesture of gratitude. Just use any template from this page, and that unique card will express your unique emotions. Tell them how loved they are, and what a delight it is to share this day with them. You may also write an inside joke or a quote that has a special meaning to the couple. They are sure to appreciate the personal touch!

Our creative artists have made a variety of designs, from simple to luxury wedding cards. Explore the selection and help them commemorate this day with the card they will most enjoy, filled with a heart-warming sentiment. If you lack inspiration, feel free to browse our collection of wedding greetings in different styles. Finally, Boomf will continue to help you create beautiful congratulations even after the wedding. On our website, you can find cards for anniversaries and to celebrate the couples love further down the line.