Exploding Mother's Day Cards

Celebrate this special occasion with the amazing surprise of one of our exploding Mother’s Day cards! Incorporating our wonderful range of designs and your own photos, these exciting personalised treats are the perfect way to thank our hard working mothers for all they do. You’ll find everything you need to get started below!
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Chocolate Card

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What kind of exploding Mother’s Day cards are on offer?

A Mother’s Day confetti card from us comes in three spectacular types, and each can be effortlessly customised with our online personalisation tool.

  • Boomf Bombs! Our signature exploding design, the Boomf Bomb bursts open amidst and exciting confetti shower, revealing a personalised photo cube.
  • Confetti Cannons! These rectangular shaped cards flip open with an awesome shot of confetti, revealing a custom image. You can pick a photo straight from your device, or choose one of our fantastic mother’s day designs. 
  • Ta-Dah Cards! With a simple modification, we’ve included a confetti contraption in our regular cards. Upon opening, your celebrant will be showered in a gentle blossom of confetti. Delightful!

How can I personalise an exploding Mother’s Day card?

Each of our exploding cards Mother’s Day has room for you to write a personalised message. You’ll also be able to edit the font, colour and size of your text. 

Custom photos can be added to all three of our confetti card types – whether on the front of our Ta-Dah cards, the sides of our Boomf Bombs, or at the centre of our Confetti Cannons. 

You can incorporate our wonderful designs into each one, if you like, and our Confetti Cannons come wrapped in a beautiful design all their own, with several styles to choose from.

That’s everything you need to know about our amazing exploding Mother’s Day cards – now go ahead and make the day special for someone special to you!