Exploding Birthday Cards

Exploding cards are Boomf's signature cards. We design, make and deliver quality exploding birthday card to surprise your birthday celebrant when they open it up. These cards are fast flying off the shelf because our customers just love the thrill of watching their friends and family go “oh” when they open up the exploding birthday cards and get the shock of their lives. Good thing it's confetti and not an electric spark or something dangerous. You can choose a unique Explosion Card for Birthday. Here are some of our birthday cards that explode.
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Chocolate Card

£9.99 £13.99

Where can I find exploding birthday cards in the UK?

Living in the UK? You can purchase your exploding birthday cards from Boomf. We have cool, original exploding confetti birthday cards ready to be dispatched and delivered on every order. Choose the best Happy Birthday confetti card! 

Who can I give confetti birthday card to?

Of course, because birthday cards that explode are surprising and very playful, you may not want to give them to a tough boss in a corporate space or grandma on her 84th birthday.  But confetti birthday cards are fun and cool for young people like kids. You can give them to your son or daughter, schoolmates, mom or dad, partner, neighbour, or grandkids.

How do I Order Birthday Cards that Explode?

We have made the process simple for any user willing to order exploding birthday cards. All you have to do is follow the simple step to order Birthday card pop up confetti.

  1. Once on our home page, locate the search icon.
  2. Type “exploding birthday cards” or “confetti birthday cards” into the search bar.
  3. You may select the category you want without needing to search but the two lead you to the same page.
  4. Scroll down to get to the page where you can personalize it.
  5. Once done with that, you will need to send a delivery address and wait for your order to be sent to you.

It takes not more than 24 hours to dispatch a card and your birthday card bomb will be delivered to you in no time. And you can surprise your loved one with Birthday card explosion box!