Exploding Anniversary Cards

Celebrate Anniversaries with our exciting, exploding anniversary cards! Packed with colourful confetti that will shower them upon opening, our cards can be adorned with happy memories and our own fantastic designs, as well as a thoughtful personalised message.
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Chocolate Card

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What should I write in my exploding anniversary card?

All our cards come with the option to write a personalised message. With our famous Boomf Bombs and fantastic Confetti Cannons – it’s best to keep it simple, but you’ll be able to edit the size and alignment of your text for a perfect fit. Our Ta-dah cards, totally blank inside, are perhaps your best bet for a longer message, and come complete with their own confetti shower.

What kind of personalisation options does Boomf offer? 

We care about allowing you to make a card that’s uniquely yours – and in that spirit, we offer a range of customisation options.

  • Your message – you’ll have read above about how all of our cards allow you to write a personalised message, but you can also adjust the font and colour for a card that’s beautiful both inside and out.
  • Your photos – all of our cards have an option to add your own photos; whether straight to the front, in the centre of our Confetti Cannons, or on the sides of our signature photo cube.
  • Our designs – we have a massive range of designs on Boomf, fit for any anniversary. Simply pick the one you love the most.

You can get started with personalising your exploding anniversary cards by scrolling to our many card options above – Happy anniversary!