International Women's Day Cards

Celebrate the strong and inspiring women in your life with International Women’s Day cards. Whether it’s your mum, your boss who’s killing it at their job, or even a friend who’s gotten over hurdles in their life, there’s nothing more than letting them know they’re doing a good job. Show them support and encouragement through Women’s Day cards from our collection below.
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What do you write on a Women’s Day card? 

In keeping with the theme, you may want to write a message on your International Women’s Day card about how much the recipient has inspired you. Some ideas include acknowledging the strengths they have exhibited and the battles they have won in life. 

What is the best message for Women’s Day? 

The best message for Women’s Day that you can write on a greeting card is one that comes from the heart. You can draw from personal experience and start from there and how their transformation was phenomenal or how you admired how they faced challenges head-on. 

In general, making them feel special and appreciated is what this day is all about, so be sure to include this in your Women’s Day card. 

Where can I buy a Women’s Day card online? 

You can buy a card for Women’s Day online on Boomf. We have an array of designs of cards for International Women’s Day for just about every woman in your life. 

Boomf has empowering Woman Day card designs that send a strong message for Women's Day. We also have inspiring and motivational quotes on our International Women’s Day greeting cards. These sayings and quotes emphasise the power that women hold inside of them.

How to make a Women’s Day Card on Boomf? 

  1. Select your desired design

To make your own version of a happy International Women’s Day card, you can choose from the comprehensive list of designs offered by Boomf. You also have the option to create your own design using the custom feature and even make it a photo card. 

  1. Include special notes

Speaking of customisation, you can leave messages and notes inside these cards, giving them a special touch.


The awesome women in your life deserve to be celebrated. With these International Women’s Day cards, you can uplift them and show them love in the best way possible.