Rude Father's Day Cards

Gifting the men in our lives a rude Father’s Day Card may feel like a dangerous risk to take. However, when it comes to surprises, the riskier the merrier. Of course, you could just write him a plain old heartfelt note, but why not spice things up and crack him up with some rude and inappropriate humour.

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Sometimes we prefer to say it to dads just the way it is and you can do it with our collection of inappropriate Father’s Day cards. Whether you think he’s one loud farter, a complete avocado, a total legend, a bit of a grumpy old man, or just totally amazing, we have the perfect Father’s Day card for you!

If your family is a little non-conventional with their humour or just really cheeky, then they’re likely to understand and appreciate the love laced into every semmingly offensive joke. Ready to find some perfect rude funny Father’s Day cards? Let us help you.

How to choose an inappropriate Father's Day card?

For some, looking for an inappropriate Father’s Day card can be quite a struggle. It doesn’t have to be though.

What you should look out for is simple—a card that passes a cheeky message but within safe boundaries. In your attempt to sound funny, you dont want to end up pissing off the recipient. Also, you don’t want to push your luck and end up sounding downright insulting so it is important you play safe unless you’re absolutely sure no offence whatsoever will and can be taken

Just as always, make sure that the rude father’s day card you choose has a blank space where you can write and add your own personal touch to the card. After this, you can go ahead to spew something fun and offensive.

What should you write in a rude funny Father's Day card?

One of the biggest challenges you will face is finding a balance in tone between rude, funny, cheesy and downright insultive. 

Again, personal knowledge of the recipient will help in determining what to write and what to say. Just like any other card message, there is so much to say but very little space. Here's how you can solve that problem:

  • Start with a Father's Day wish
  • Say something jocular or lightly rude in relatiion to your relationship with him (a private joke maybe).
  • Share a very funny, silly memory
  • Finish warmly.

How can you make an adult Father’s Day card on Boomf special?

Make your adult Father's Day Card really special by picking any of our Boomf's trademark cards. A 3D cube card supplemented with a virant confetti explosion would definitely do the trick. You can also check out our banging Cannon Cards designs, our winning Flutter Cards, and trademark Confetti Cards.

Final Thoughts

We've compiled a large assortment of amusing Father's Day cards with smart puns and meaningful taglines to assist you in giving dad something amusing and nice. You will be spoilt for choice and your lovely Father will be happier for your choice of rude Father’s Day card.